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My dear India – Stay Strong

It is easy for me to say this, sitting across the Atlantic, in the Bay Area in California, but I do know for a fact, like countless India-born people from all over the world, what it means to suffer helplessly amidst chaos all around. And not a day passes for us...


How Gratitude Helps Us in Our Business

Sometime back we conducted a mindfulness workshop for our employees and the topic of the workshop was ‘Gratitude’. It dawned on us how much expressing gratitude will help only in personal lives but in professional and in businesses. Gratitude indeed is filled with...


My Take on Technology Trends in 2021

As we leave behind the year 2020 that was troublesome for the entire world and step into the new year 2021, the technology companies around the world have come up with their versions of the technology trends for the new year. Predominantly, overwhelming trends have...


CriticalRiver 2.0 – The New Beginning

The world is on the verge of wrapping up the year 2020 with mixed feelings, undoubtedly, this year has given more pain to all of us than any pleasure, a year not many us would want to remember. And we’re poised to usher the new year 2021, albeit, wary of what the new...


How Cultural Change Helps in Driving Digital Transformation

At a time when the world is engulfed with the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty, and the chaos, enterprises are jostling to find the best technology partner to help them digitalize their operations and save their business. Technology is available in the market for...

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