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HR Accelerator: Automating HR Operations for Better Employee Experiences

Human resource management (HRM) is a crucial business function for global organizations. HRM's primary tasks include recruiting, onboarding and offboarding employees, training and development, payroll, tracking vacation and sick days, and employees' general well-being. Managing...

Women in Tech: Diversifying Leadership for Accelerated Growth

Women in the tech sphere have been making a mark since the time of Ada Lovelace, who is widely considered the world's first computer programmer when computers did not even exist. A mathematician and writer, Ada's notes in the mid-1800s on the Analytical Engine inspired Alan...

5 Key Considerations for an Effective Digital Integration Strategy

Digital integration is a critical step in digital transformation. It is the tool for removing silos and rebuilding user interfaces. Any organization that wishes to realize their vision of building modern data platforms must address the seamless integration of their business...

How to Expedite Digital Transformation via Cloud Platforms?

The cloud is everywhere. Whether working from home or attending online classes, operating your bank account digitally, or booking a transportation service, cloud technology has become essential to everyday life. Today's organizations, from startups to multi-national companies,...

The Metaverse technology: And how it will revolutionize the workplace!

The metaverse enigma has taken the business world by storm. The possibilities of what can be achieved through this new “digital world” have left many enthralled and confused. There is an intensifying discussion on how metaverse technology will revolutionize our work and...


All, Utilities

By CriticalRiver

Utilities Outlook 2021

We are at the brink as electric stoves, transportations, and construction machinery replace the fossil fuel guzzlers of yesterday. However, before a...

All, CEO-Corner

By Anji Maram

The Joy of Customer Care & Success

They say, ‘Customer is GOD’, we all strive to deliver what customers’ want, and meet, satisfy their requirements. Perhaps, walk that extra mile and...

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