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Chin Up: Five Ways of Dealing with Change Fatigue in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation ushers sweeping changes across the organization that guarantee success and profits. The promise comes with an assured improvement in workflows, customer experience, and growth prospects. Often, enterprises are tempted to go all-in with a significant...

Business Friction Modernization: CEOs Technology prerogative for tomorrow!

The past couple of years has seen the world grappling with the pandemic and doing everything it could to build the next normal. 2022 has come, and we are eager to witness hybrid workplaces, technological breakthroughs, and connected experiences that create history. During these...

Why the post-pandemic world needs an innovative leader?

Why thought-forward leadership in today’s economy A fundamental transformation for business leaders is underway. Today, business leaders are pushed to lead in a world unlike anything anyone has ever encountered in the business world previously. The world requires leaders who...

A Comprehensive Guide to RPA in Salesforce

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is used with Salesforce to enhance potency and decrease human error in monotonous tasks such as data migration. Many companies are looking for methods to leverage this technology - and there are various ways to do it.RPA for Salesforce RPA...

Achieving Leading-Edge Semiconductor Capabilities with CriticalRiver!

Semiconductors are small electronic devices based practically on silicon or germanium and facilitate almost all industrial projects, including systems that support technological competitiveness and national security. As parts in chips get tinier and global competition rises,...


A Tribute to My Father : My Hero, My Role Model

He would wake up very early in the morning and trudge his way to the farms and as sunrises, he would be joined by his loyal team. And from then on, they all would slog in the fields right through the sunset, taking occasional breaks for food. Their toil would produce...


Class 2020 – 6 Life Lessons I Learned That Helped Me

Graduation Time : Dreams, Opportunities, Challenges, and Success In this very same month of June, long ago in the late '90s I was on the tender hooks, edgy yet excited as it was my graduation time. Those times were different. Yahoo was an established player, Google, ...


Customer Success Stories in times of Lockdown

This week I would like to share a few success stories that have impacted, made enormous difference to our customers' business and personally it has been a humbling experience for me. I am proud to bring forward these success stories that truly embody CriticalRiver's...


Now is the time to say Enough is Enough

As America was slowly getting up on its feet from COVID-19, we're stuck with another tragic blow, the death of Mr. George Floyd. His last words ' I can't breathe ' will resonate forever, while his 6-year old daughter, Gianna's words ' My dad has changed the world...


Helping Others Helped Me

Growing up I remember my mother's words quite vividly, she used to tell me (in Telugu language) " Manchi cheste, Manchi jaruguthundi ", meaning " Good will happen to you if you do good  ". Clueless with what it meant, I used to look at her innocuously. Understanding...

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