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CriticalRiver has always been at the forefront of contributing to the society with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. A renowned philanthropist was once asked “What is the difference between a rich company and a wealthy company”, he replied “A rich company accumulates money, whereas a wealthy company gives back the acquired wealth to society

True to these words, I envision CriticalRiver to be a wealthy company. We aspire to create jobs, deliver world-class services to our customers, generate wealth and help the underprivileged to live a decent, respectful, and dignified life, for my conviction is “God gives us the opportunity to serve him by serving humanity.

As a part of our CSR initiatives, CriticalRiver raised funds for underprivileged students, worked with Non-profit organizations for Indian Literacy Program and also sponsored golf events to raise funds for various social causes.

CSR Programs

CIO Scholarship Fund Raising

CriticalRiver Joins CIOSF in Raising $750,000 for Underprivileged Students Scholarships.

CIO magazine conducts an Annual Charity Golf Tournament every year to help economically disadvantaged college students attending two and four-year colleges in the Bay Area who are pursuing degrees in IT and computer science-related fields.

Many of these students are the first of their family to earn a college degree and are often overcoming challenging circumstances as they pursue a career in the realm of information technology. The CIO Scholarship Fund (CIOSF) embraces the philosophy that individuals who are able to overcome adversity bring unique skills and value to the workplace.

The fund covers various aspects of education from scholarships to internships. This year CriticalRiver also became a part of this esteemed journey and helped raise about $750,000 in student scholarships, tutoring programs. In 2018, the event was on the 22 of September at the Wente Vineyards. This exclusive event is for CIOs in the San Francisco Bay Area with over fifty senior IT executives participating each year. This elite group of IT Royalty has pledged their support to help make this annual tournament a continuing success.


India Literacy Project Sponsership

India Literacy Project (ILP) is a developmental support organization that works in partnership with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and networks in India to play the role of a catalyst for literacy.


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