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Culture & Values

CriticalRiver Culture

The culture of the company, it is said, reflects the personality of the company. By that yardstick, CriticalRiver is a fun and lively place of work. And yes, we have been certified as such by Great Place to Work!

CriticalRiver’s vision, mission, values, ethics, goals, and objectives combine to make it an all-inclusive company that provides a stimulating and congenial work environment for employees. Here, they have as much freedom to discuss and debate as to dissent and collaborate as a team. Our people-focused strategies and outlook have helped us deliver cutting edge, hi-tech solutions that accelerate growth for our clients .

Employees work at their optimum level and deliver their best when they enjoy what they are doing. We make special efforts to ensure people are a right-fit for their jobs and that their environment keeps their passion for work ignited. In addition, compassion toward co-workers, a sense of belonging, smiles and laughter go hand-in-hand at CriticalRiver.

Award Winning Company Culture

Best Teams Engineering 2024

Best Company Global Culture 2024

Best Company Outlook 2024

Amazing Workplaces Certified

Great Place to Work® 2023

Best Company Compensation

Best Company Work-Life Balance

Best CEOs for Diversity 2023

Best Career Growth 2023

Best Leadership Teams 2023

Best Global Culture 2023

Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 2023

Great Place to Work® 2022

Great Place to Work® 2021

Core Values

We imbibe, believe & stand for these values


Meet or exceed the expectations with speed and quality


Be empathetic & respectful with everyone irrespective of their position or role


Be honest with customers and co-employees


Take 100% ownership for your decisions, behaviors and results

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