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How Generative AI in Utility is Transforming Billing and Customer Service

How Generative AI in Utility is Transforming Billing and Customer ServiceIn the article, Gen AI is...

Digital Transformation Trends in Utilities: How It Is Shaping the Next Growth Phase

The utility industry is undergoing massive, unprecedented disruption across the value chain. This...

Dealing with Shortage of AI Talent In Banking

Banks have continually invested in new technologies to improve their operational efficiencies and...

Reboot to Rise: Optimizing Operations is Vital for SPAC Success

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are proving to be a massively attractive option for...

How to Expedite Digital Transformation via Cloud Platforms?

The cloud is everywhere. Whether working from home or attending online classes, operating your...

The Metaverse technology: And how it will revolutionize the workplace!

The metaverse enigma has taken the business world by storm. The possibilities of what can be...

Are you Digitally Transforming While Being Agile?

Digital transformation enables progressive changes in business models and practices to thrive in...

Enabling Digital Sales Transformation with a Five-Pronged Approach

Digital Transformation. No longer a fad or a nice to have, but a business imperative. Global...

Business Friction Modernization

The past couple of years has seen the world grappling with the pandemic and doing everything it...

Why the post-pandemic world needs an innovative leader?

Why thought-forward leadership in today’s economy A fundamental transformation for business...

Oracle Utilities Data Migration, Conversion, and Automation Future-proofing Your Data

The utilities industry is in the middle of an exciting change, growing into a more digitized, decentralized system. Conventional business processes, market participants, and ways of functioning are being disrupted and...

Introducing Multi-Platform Testing Services & Testing Automation for Oracle Utilities and Edge Systems

CriticalRiver announces its extension of QA/ Testing services for Oracle Utilities and Edge systems to end-user organizations wishing to outsource all or a portion of their software testing activities. This move equips...

Explore How Supply & Procurement will Improve with Spend Management Software in Post Pandemic

But what is spend management? Further, why should it be a top area of focus for businesses during a crisis? Spend management is a broad framework for handling all variable costs, including employee payments and...

Delivering Digital Engagement through COVID Thought Leadership

Digital channel usage is fastening everywhere during the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporate investment in digital engagement will require to reflect new ways of living and working. How long such customer reaction will last...

Redefining Work & Workforce in Gig Economy– Utilities Perspective

Developing a workforce is a continuous process for all businesses. As we assess the present by closely analyzing the most advanced workforce management trends, the common themes involve building a better employee...

How CriticalRiver is Helping with Enhanced Customer Digital Experience

Customer Experience or CX is the new mark, and in a world where everything is shifting online, CX has become strategically crucial for all businesses, large and small. Ever since Covid-19, Internet usage has grown by...

How Managed Services Helping Companies in New Normal

In today’s complicated and evolving business landscape, process change may no longer be optional. It has become imperative for businesses to hold their competitive edge. Those who ignore this chance may find themselves...

Digital Commerce -Conforming the New Normal

The COVID-19 crisis has led to exciting changes in consumer behaviour. Retailers will have to strive hard to satisfy the ever-evolving customer experience demands to succeed and remain relevant.The coronavirus pandemic...

Cloud with the Intelligent Edge

COVID-19, the largest health and economic crisis in recent times, confronts businesses across sectors and pushes them into extraordinary measures to safeguard their people and sustain operations. Industry 4.0 is no...

Salesforce CRM Driving Enhanced Healthcare Experience

Healthcare institutions today are more focused on enhancing patients’ health and optimizing their internal systems. However, they still depend on legacy systems, which hampers innovation. This strategy proves...

Advancing Seamless Experienceby Integrating Innovative Technology

Before COVID-19, people, businesses, and governments relied on disruptive technologies for different activities, including economic transactions, commerce, logistics, education, and health care.It exposes a massive...

AcceleratingDigital Marketing Post-Pandemic

As the world fights with COVID-19, it is crucial to consider what the post-COVID world will spell for experts in the digital marketing sphere. The pandemic has expedited the pace at which we are “going digital” and has...

7 Ways Technology is Enabling Operational Efficiency & Automation in Non-Profits

Technology can be a fantastic tool to further social change. It can help non-profits increase productivity, improve effectiveness through better collaboration, and prolong services to new societies in need. Technology...

Manufacturing Industry: Evolution, Disruption, Trends & more…

The manufacturing industry today faces stiff global competition, and its business environment is evolving quickly. It is tough to determine a market demand which was relatively stable and predictable in the past....

Utilities Electrical Engineers Staffing – A Paradigm Shift!

COVID-19 has taught us business lessons from just about every angle, be it managing remote teams, managing supply chains, or steering varying customer demands. The experience has reset priorities associated with the...

Countering the Pandemic with Privacy-First Marketing

Before the emergence of digital marketing, all we could depend on was aggregated data to make wise investment choices. Today, technology has developed, and the name of the game is user-level data. Marketers who uncover...


25 June 2024

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01 March 2024

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30 Jan 2024

Industry Expectations from Union Budget 2024

30 Jan 2024

Language models NLP, LLM to power technology growth in future

13 Jan 2024

IoT, intelligence, inclusion: Test your business creativity with Edition 118 of our quiz!

09 Jan 2024

Edge-driven IoT: How it is fueling the next wave of digital transformation

03 Jan 2024

Forecast for 2024 and the Cybersecurity Imperative

19 Dec 2023

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01 Dec 2023

Unleashing Infinite Potential: The colossal influence of IoT in Product Engineering

16 Nov 2023

Six Way Utilities are Harnessing the Power of ML and AI in the Energy Sector

12 Nov 2023

1900 new jobs in 4 years: CriticalRiver

Digital Revolution: Uncharted Horizons in Healthcare

22 Oct 2023

Practical Uses of AI-ML in Utilities Billing and Customer Service Operations

20 Sep 2023

Building a Resilient Business Model through Digital Transformation: A Leadership Perspective

10 Sep 2023

Mergers And Acquisitions: The CFO’s Guide To Successful Integration

08 Sep 2023

International Literacy Day: Bridging The Digital Literacy Gap In India

28 Aug 2023

Women’s Equality Day: Driving Sustainable Progress Towards Gender Equality in the Technology Industry | Arundhati Ashoka | Global HR Head | CriticalRiver

09 Aug 2023

Mergers and Acquisitions: The CFO’s Guide to Successful Integration

14 July 2023

The Role of HR in Digital Transformation and Driving Cultural Change

14 July 2023

International AI Appreciation Day 2023: Unleashing the Boundless Potential of AI

June 2023

Underground Electrical Utility Distribution Systems: Mitigating Wildfire Risks in High Fire Zones

24 May 2023

Powering through a Downturn

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