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31 March 2024

The future of data science: Where are we headed?

Tasks that once took years on classical computers can now be completed in minutes with quantum computing. Advancements in data analysis technology have revolutionized how businesses access, store, and process data. Contemporary organizations utilize sophisticated tools and efficient procedures to extract, decode, and apply insights from extensive datasets.

01 March 2024

Why balancing tech and business ethics

AI has seamlessly infiltrated numerous mundane business tasks. That said, the expansion of this pervasive technology has raised concerns about the ethics of AI.

30 Jan 2024

Industry Expectations from Union Budget 2024

Anji Maram, CEO and Founder, CriticalRiver Inc: “The upcoming Union Budget 2024 presents a significant opportunity to advance India’s technological and digital landscape. Focused investments in AI and technology are essential, not only to foster innovation but also to enhance productivity in various sectors.

30 Jan 2024

Language models NLP, LLM to power technology growth in future

NLP connects computers to humans, aiding systems to understand human language, enabling interactive voice assistants. LLM is smart-tech that learns from text, powering applications like chatbots. As businesses seek better ways to communicate with users, NLP and LLMs are becoming must-haves in the evolving tech landscape.

13 Jan 2024

IoT, intelligence, inclusion: Test your business creativity with Edition 118 of our quiz!

Lateral Sparks, the weekly quiz from YourStory, tests your domain knowledge, business acumen, and lateral thinking skills (see the previous edition here). In this 118th edition of the quiz, we present issues tackled by real-life entrepreneurs in their startup journeys.

09 Jan 2024

Edge-driven IoT: How it is fueling the next wave of digital transformation

The IoT revolution has interconnected our world, transforming everyday objects into intelligent devices. Numerous industries stand to gain from this technology in disparate ways. For instance, IoT optimises manufacturing production lines and quality control, boosting efficiency and reducing waste.

03 Jan 2024

Forecast for 2024 and the Cybersecurity Imperative

Reflecting on the past year and looking towards the future, the landscape of emerging technology in 2023 has been remarkable, characterized by significant strides in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT. These advancements have not only reshaped business operations but also redefined customer experiences and expectations.

19 Dec 2023

CFO Strategies: Navigating Risks, Building Value and Trusting the Future

Explore the expert guidance of CFO Chandra Chandragiri as he shares a strategic playbook for CFOs navigating uncertainties. Delve into actionable insights on value-driven risk management, the significance of ESG actions, and the pivotal role of trust in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

01 Dec 2023

Unleashing Infinite Potential: The colossal influence of IoT in Product Engineering

The exciting concept of Internet of Things or IoT paints a vivid picture of a wide network of ‘things’ that are interconnected and seamlessly share data or communicate with each other. IoT is not merely a buzz word, rather it stands as a transformative force in the Engineering realm particularly…

16 Nov 2023

Six Way Utilities are Harnessing the Power of ML and AI in the Energy Sector

The utilities industry is at the cusp of a new era driven by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that are redefining customer experiences. Given the increasing demand for energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, utilities providers are turning to AI and ML…

12 Nov 2023

1900 new jobs in 4 years: CriticalRiver

CriticalRiver is set for substantial growth in Hyderabad, as stated by CEO Anji Maram. With around 600 employees currently based in Hyderabad, the company intends to boost its workforce to 2,500 within the next three to four years. This expansion is expected to generate approximately 1,900 new job opportunities.

Digital Revolution: Uncharted Horizons in Healthcare

The industry, which was formerly thought to be resistant to change, is currently systematically redefining itself. Furthermore, this change is significant rather than subtle. Healthcare is a new era marker, effortlessly fusing the value of human life with the never-ending advancements in technology, at a time when the unending…

22 Oct 2023

Practical Uses of AI-ML in Utilities Billing and Customer Service Operations

We are witnessing an unprecedentd convergence of two trillion-dollar industries: utilities and big data. AI and ML analysis of data is revolutionizing safety, optimizing water and electricity usage, and enhancing user experience…

20 Sep 2023

Building a Resilient Business Model through Digital Transformation: A Leadership Perspective

In an era of perpetual disruption, CEOs and other C-suite executives must embrace proactive leadership by analyzing the market landscape, recognizing potential risks, and capitalizing on promising prospects.

10 Sep 2023

Mergers And Acquisitions: The CFO’s Guide To Successful Integration

Bringing companies together through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or disengaging them through divestitures and separations are some of the most complex business activities.

08 Sep 2023

International Literacy Day: Bridging The Digital Literacy Gap In India

The celebration of International Literacy Day serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that the benefits of the digital age are accessible to all. In this era, possessing digital literacy is imperative to actively engage in the digital age

28 Aug 2023

Women’s Equality Day: Driving Sustainable Progress Towards Gender Equality in the Technology Industry | Arundhati Ashoka | Global HR Head | CriticalRiver

Technological progress is reshaping lives in the twenty-first century, but these advances and opportunities are not distributed equally.

09 Aug 2023

Mergers and Acquisitions: The CFO’s Guide to Successful Integration

Due diligence, optimized technology, the ability to integrate organizational capabilities, and proper consideration of acquisition risks are the critical factors for fruitful M&A transactions.

14 July 2023

The Role of HR in Digital Transformation and Driving Cultural Change

Organizations recognize that the integration of digital technologies is no longer limited to a specialized IT department. It now influences the functioning of operational units across businesses.

14 July 2023

International AI Appreciation Day 2023: Unleashing the Boundless Potential of AI

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has led to an all-encompassing transformation, redefining the world by leaps and bounds. The diverse branch of such automated technologies has taken a storm in every industry, with a colossal impact on every sector of the society.

June 2023

Underground Electrical Utility Distribution Systems: Mitigating Wildfire Risks in High Fire Zones

As climate change continues to affect our planet, the frequency, and intensity of natural disasters, such as wildfires, have increased dramatically. One of the significant contributors to the spread of wildfires in high-fire zones is the electrical utility distribution system, typically constructed overhead.

24 May 2023

Powering through a Downturn

Emerging stronger and better from a slump takes grit, hustle, and bolder partnerships in equal measure. As the IT industry faces challenges in 2023, staying ahead of the game is the key to success. From the rise of digital technologies to shifting consumer behaviors, these trends will drive the industry.

24 May 2023

From Data to Insights: CriticalRiver’s Anwar Hussain Explores How AI/ML Revolutionizes Business Decision-Making

In an era where huge volumes of data are generated on a constant basis, it is common for businesses to grapple with the challenge of effectively managing and analyzing vast amounts of information. In this scenario…

26 April 2023

IT managed services: Everything you need to know

For decades, IT managed services has been the go-to option for businesses of all sizes looking to outsource their tech needs. Offering a wide range of benefits, including cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved security, it has been the preferred option to ensure workforce productivity…

13 March 2023

How can edge computing benefit your business?

Today’s hyper-connected world results from myriad technology trends maturing and intersecting at multiple touchpoints. They have transformed computing, communications, governance, finance, and business processes as we know them.

27 Feb 2023

Optimized IT Delivery: Driving Growth in the Modern Enterprise

CriticalRiver is once again in the news with Rajesh Srinivas Rao’s article on the optimization of IT delivery. The article has been published in a key technology media platform – Express Computers, which is comprehensive tech knowledge-sharing ecosystem from The Indian Express Group.

20 Feb 2023

Ajay Pandey, CriticalRiver on how edge computing helps CIOs to drive sustainable digital transformation

Today’s hyper-connected world results from myriad technology trends maturing and intersecting at multiple touchpoints. They have transformed computing, communications, governance, finance, and business processes as we know them.

03 Feb 2023

How To Overcome Five Roadblocks When Implementing AI/ML In The Financial Sector

Do you have a digital wealth management application for your investment portfolio that recommends investing in specific funds? You are likely using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage your money.

23 Jan 2023

Open-door policy at CriticalRiver sustains employee morale and talent retention: Arundhati Ashoka

We believe in having an open-door policy in the workplace and encourage our people managers to be open to employees’ questions, complaints, and suggestions. This encourages open communication, feedback, and discussion…

22 Dec 2022

The Evolving Nature of Digital Engineering in the Next Two Years

Digital engineering has been evolving over the years. What started with digitising paper reports and optimising operations using software, networking and software-as-a-service, has grown to become a full-fledged new-age digital economy.

15 Nov 2022

Putting AI in the Driver’s Seat of Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation (DX) is not just a differentiator but a matter of survival in the modern business world. And while a maelstrom of technologies, including cloud computing, mobility, IoT, and AR-VR, are delivering value and creating better experiences for customers…

20 Oct 2022

How to Build Digital Transformation Strategy That Delivers ROI by Anji Maram

We live in the age of tech disruption, and no organization is immune to its impacts. Across industries, customers and employees have been demanding mobility, simpler and more transparent access to information, and better user experiences.

19 Sep 2022

How To Leverage AI/ML For Predictive Incident Management

Digital technologies have led to the application of new-age technologies that operate with minimal human intervention. And while they may heighten productivity and drive growth, any failure can pose a significant challenge…

30 Mar 2022

CriticalRiver gets featured in Business Insider

CriticalRiver, a digital technology consulting company, has been featured in Business Insider for being recognised by Comparably as one of the Best Places to Work 2022 in San Francisco/Bay Area and having…

10 April 2024

CriticalRiver Strengthens Leadership and Board to Drive Future Growth

In a significant leadership enhancement, Narayana Murthy and Sunil Sharma join CriticalRiver’s Executive Team

07 March 2024

CriticalRiver partners with Basvatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital to combat cancer and promote early cancer detection among women in rural

Hyderabad, March 8th, 2024 – CriticalRiver, a global provider of digital and technology consulting services, announced a partnership with Basvatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital, in line with its commitment to combat cancer and promote early detection among women in India’s rural areas.

15 Feb 2024

CriticalRiver Inc. Clinches the ‘Fastest-Growing IT/ITES Company’ Award at HYSEA National Summit 2024

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) and technological innovation are reshaping industries, CriticalRiver Inc., a global pioneer in digital transformation services, is proud to announce its latest achievement.

09 Nov 2023

CriticalRiver Inc. Recognized in Forrester’s Data Quality Solutions Landscape, Q4-2023 Report

CriticalRiver Inc., a leading digital technology consulting firm, today announced that it has been recognized as a notable vendor in Forrester’s latest report, “The Data Quality Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023.”

14 June 2023

CriticalRiver Announces Partnership with Spoors to Drive Innovative Process Automation and Empower Businesses to Achieve Rapid Revenue Expansion

CriticalRiver, a global provider of digital and technology consulting services, takes great pleasure in announcing its strategic partnership with Spoors, a leading name in the domain of no-code…

15 May 2023

CriticalRiver Announces Partnership with Spryker to Help Merchants Achieve Business Growth Through Advanced eCommerce Solutions

CriticalRiver has taken a major stride towards revolutionizing eCommerce solutions with its latest partnership announcement. The global digital and technology consulting services company has joined forces with Spryker…

10 March 2023

From Humble Beginnings to Bold Ambitions: CriticalRiver Reflects on Nine Years of Progress and the Importance of a Unified Culture

CriticalRiver, a global digital and technology consulting services company, recently celebrated its 9th anniversary in Hyderabad. The event was held at the Heart Cup Café and aimed to recognize…

14 Feb 2023

CriticalRiver partners with to accelerate AI and ML adoption for Businesses

CriticalRiver, a global digital and technology consulting services company, announced today that it has partnered with, a data engineering and machine learning platform. Through this partnership, CriticalRiver aims to provide…

12 Oct 2022

CriticalRiver wins three Comparably awards

CriticalRiver, digital technology consulting company, has once again been rated as one of the best places to work based on work-life balance, compensation, and other perks and benefits. The organization has swept the board in all three categories…

21 Sep 2022

Senior Vice President of India Delivery Operations

CriticalRiver, a global digital and technology consulting services company, with its Indian headquarter in Hyderabad, today announced that Mr. Rajesh Srinivas Rao has been named the Senior Vice President of Delivery and Operations…

12 Aug 2022

Driving a real-change with high-impact CSR initiative

CriticalRiver, a global digital and technology consulting services company, today announced that it is extending support to Kriti Social Initiatives’ Buniyad program as part of its community development initiative to commemorate…

02 Aug 2022

CriticalRiver Inaugurates Its New Center for Digital Innovation in Hyderabad

CriticalRiver, a global digital and technology consulting services company, today announced the opening of its Center for Digital Innovation in Hyderabad, India.

20 Dec 2021

CriticalRiver wins two Comparably awards

CriticalRiver, a digital technology consulting company, announced that it has won two Comparably Awards for its Company Culture and Diversity, in the large company category for the year 2021. Comparably…

05 Oct 2021

CriticalRiver Open Golf Tournament for a Social Cause

CriticalRiver Open was an invitation-only event. The tournament was held on a bright and sunny day in the amazing Wente Golf course, set in the family-owned and operated Vineyards in Livermore, CA. Technology…

16 Aug 2021

CriticalRiver is now in Manila, Philippines

CriticalRiver is expanding its footprint across the world! Announcing the opening of our newest Center of Excellence (CoE) in Manila, Philippines. This expansion in APAC positions CriticalRiver to drive…

31 July 2020

Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation – Los Angeles Film School

CriticalRiver Inc. a trusted technology consulting company announced the successful implementation and go-live of Salesforce Community Cloud for The…

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