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CriticalRiver Partners with to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Adoption for Businesses

Hyderabad, February 14, 2023

CriticalRiver, a global digital and technology consulting services company, announced today that it has partnered with, a data engineering and machine learning platform. Through this partnership, CriticalRiver aims to provide enterprises and corporate houses with an accelerated AI/ML platform Momentum AI that enables them to automate their business processes more efficiently and address key challenges in industries across banking & finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government bodies. The multi-year innovation partnership also aims to accelerate the use of AI to improve financial services.

Momentum AI is an AI/ML platform that assists at every stage of the AI workflow—from data ingestion to data processing, creating a data lake and data pipeline, and developing AI solutions using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, deep learning AI models, and eventually visualizing the results in the Business Intelligence layer of Momentum. It also enables businesses to automate processes and gain rapid business insights through applications. This helps businesses gain a competitive edge over their competition and develop various applications, including intelligent avatars, speech AI, and fraud detection.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Chandra Gundlapalli, Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation, CriticalRiver Inc., said, “We are very excited about the potential of a strategic partnership to achieve our vision for modernization. With our expertise in AI/ML, we aim to assist our global customers in streamlining their processes and creating solutions that enhance risk management, efficiency, and customer service.”

The collaboration aims to make a strategic impact by utilizing’s Momentum platform, which offers support throughout the AI workflow, including data processing, AI model training, simulation, and large-scale deployment. The platform enables CriticalRiver’s proven data scientist innovation team to accelerate the automation of business processes for its customers, create innovative roadmaps to fuel sustainable growth, fasten the development of a broad range of solutions, and power end-to-end offerings.

“We are thrilled to partner with CriticalRiver and their team of data science experts to bring the power of our Momentum platform to more businesses,” said Mr. Mogishuddin Raza, co-founder & COO of “Together, we will help businesses gain rapid insights and automate processes to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries,” he added.

The other co-founder and CEO of, Sam Ansari, who works from Virginia, USA, and is also an adjunct professor at George Mason University in the Data Science and Data Analytics Engineering Department, has also expressed his excitement about this collaboration, and said, “This strategic collaboration will be the one-stop solution for the businesses in achieving operational excellence, which will significantly improve their top and bottom lines.He further added “Besides Momentum enabling the businesses in developing AI & Automation solutions there are several out-of-box automated AI solutions which can be implemented rapidly in customer environment such as revenue assurance & leakages, Opex optimization, fraud detection etc., which helps in obtaining ROI sooner than expected.”

“The strategic partnership with will empower CriticalRiver to leverage our domain and technical expertise across industries. It will also help deploy business-critical solutions quickly and keep our clients ahead of their competition,” added Mr. Anwar Hussain, Director – AI/ML & DevSecOps, CriticalRiver Inc.

The partnership will help CriticalRiver’s customers develop predictive models and automate business processes, ultimately helping them gain a competitive edge.

About CriticalRiver

CriticalRiver is a digital technology consulting firm that specializes in implementing technology solutions for digital transformation, digital experience management, digital engagement, and digital engineering. Our services include CRM, ERP, cloud applications, integration, business intelligence, data analytics, and software engineering solutions. We use cutting-edge technologies and AI/ML to help reduce operational complexities and accelerate digital transformation.

We also partner with Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Workato, and Snowflakes to provide consulting, managed, and advisory services to help enterprises simplify, automate, improve, and enhance operations and processes to scale and grow.


Accure offers data engineering, AI platforms, and professional services to build, deploy, and manage AI at the enterprise scale. We engineered Momentum to accelerate all phases of AI development. Our professional services help connect all pieces together to build sustainable solutions so that our customers focus on deriving values from the AI implementation.

Accure’s mission is to partner with governments, enterprises, and start-ups to solve data-driven challenges by using machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and NLP, powered by our software platforms and managed by people.

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