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CriticalRiver Inc. Announces Partnership with Spoors to Drive Innovative Process Automation and Empower Businesses to Achieve Rapid Revenue Expansion

CriticalRiver Embarks on a Transformative Journey to Develop Increasingly Intelligent and Contactless Business Operations

Pleasanton, CA, June 14, 2023

CriticalRiver, a global provider of digital and technology consulting services, takes great pleasure in announcing its strategic partnership with Spoors, a leading name in the domain of no-code, user-friendly DIY technology, for the development of industry-specific process automation solutions. This collaborative alliance seeks to empower organizations by offering streamlined digital transformation and innovative solutions that are meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive needs of the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Banking/Finance, Energy Utilities, and Non-Profit sectors.

CriticalRiver has built a solid reputation as a trusted advisor in the digital technology space, with a proven track record of successful technology implementations in digital transformation, digital experience management, digital engagement, and digital engineering. Their expertise spans a wide range of digital technology services, including CRM, ERP, cloud applications, integration, business intelligence, data analytics, and software engineering solutions.

By joining forces with Spoors, CriticalRiver aims to enhance its capabilities in delivering industry-specific workforce and workflow management applications that drive operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and accelerate digital transformation journeys for its clients. The EFFORT no-code platform by Spoors empowers industry experts and consultants to build customized process automation solutions without the need for extensive coding knowledge, offering a unique advantage in rapidly adapting to evolving market demands. Industry research shows that low-code and no-code platforms will account for more than 75% of new app development in the coming year. It represents a significant transformation in the democratization of innovation and the ability to generate value from technology.

Anji Maram, CEO of CriticalRiver, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Spoors to offer our clients disruptive technologies for enhancing their business operations. Together, we’ll assist enterprises in creating adaptive, resilient, and efficient operating models, delivering seamless experiences to customers and employees.”

He further added, “Low-code and no-code are gaining momentum and are predicted to have a significant impact on small and medium-sized businesses, similar to the cloud’s effect on large enterprises. Our partnership will leverage their no-code expertise, facilitating faster time-to-market and smooth digital experiences for organizations.”

Ramakrishna Reddy Chiniarlapalla, Founder and CEO of Spoors, also shared his excitement about the collaboration and said, “At Spoors, we believe that digital transformation should be accessible to all organizations, regardless of their technical expertise. The EFFORT no-code and DIY platform allows business users to build custom workflows that automate repetitive tasks, simplify complex processes, and improve productivity.”

He further added, “Driven by our shared vision of embracing simplicity and shaping a future that eliminates the need for coding, CriticalRiver and Spoors have joined forces to provide organizations with comprehensive digital technology solutions. We can leverage their deep industry knowledge and technical prowess to further build industry solutions that enhance internal operations productivity, quality, performance, and the user experience for the customers they serve. Together, we can drive meaningful transformation and create unparalleled business growth.”

About CriticalRiver Inc

CriticalRiver is a trusted digital technology consulting company specializing in digital transformation, digital experience management, digital engagement, and digital engineering. With expertise in CRM, ERP, cloud applications, integration, business intelligence, data analytics, and software engineering, CriticalRiver offers strategic and personalized solutions to help enterprises simplify, automate, and enhance their operations and processes. As technology partners for Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Workato, and Snowflake, CriticalRiver enables organizations to scale and grow.

About Spoors

Spoors provides industry experts and consultants with no-code, easy-to-use DIY technology for building industry-specific mobility solutions. Their platform empowers organizations to streamline digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experiences without extensive coding knowledge. Spoors enables organizations to adapt quickly to changing market demands and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

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