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Discover how CriticalRiver helped BITS Pilani build
robust, scalable donor management system

Community service at the core

“BITS Pilani has contributed immensely in placing Indian engineers on a level playing field with their global peers. When I learned that BITSAA managed all alumni and donors manually, it didn’t take much to volunteer to help digitalize the processes as part of CriticalRiver’s CSR initiatives. CriticalRiver has several BITS alumni, and we are all delighted that we were able to give back a little to the institute that has given us and the world so much.”

Anji Reddy Maram Founder and CEO at CriticalRiver Inc.
CriticalRiver built a robust, scalable donor management system leveraging Salesforce NPSP (Non-profit success pack)

BITS Pilani and BITSAA were looking for a unified, automated system to manage the alumni, donors, and donations management on a single platform that provides a 360-degree of all stakeholders improving efficiency with real-time updates, data security, marketing automation, efficient coordination, enhancing the digital experience of BITSAA, alumni and donors.

BITS Pilani Speak

With 150,000+ alumni base and an ever-growing number of donors, it’s a big challenge to manage the donor lifecycle on various systems. With Salesforce, we are looking to both efficiently manage our operations and provide superior experience with transparency to our alumni donors.
It couldn’t have been more suitable to have CriticalRiver as our partner for our NPSP implementation – Partnership with Anji Maram, Chandra Chandragiri, Venkata Ramana and Enayathulla Shaik is going to pave a way for a distinct way of contributing back to the alma mater. Our sincere and deep gratitude to them, and look forward to mutually beneficial partnership.
Arya Kumar

Dean, Alumni Relations, BITS Pilani

Salesforce NPSP is a robust, all-you-need solution for driving engagement and fundraising. Our team feels confident of transitioning to the platform and deploying best practices in donor management.
With CriticalRiver, we have a great partner working alongside our team – kudos to BITSians Anji Maram, Chandra Chandragiri, Venkata Ramana and Enayathulla Shaik for helping their alma mater scale its operations and achieve its desired goals.
Sachin Arya

Head, Alumni Relations, BITS Pilani

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