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Chin Up: Five Ways of Dealing with Change Fatigue in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation ushers sweeping changes across the organization that guarantee success and profits. The promise comes with an assured improvement in workflows, customer experience, and growth prospects. Often, enterprises are tempted to go all-in with a significant...

Business Friction Modernization: CEOs Technology prerogative for tomorrow!

The past couple of years has seen the world grappling with the pandemic and doing everything it could to build the next normal. 2022 has come, and we are eager to witness hybrid workplaces, technological breakthroughs, and connected experiences that create history. During these...

Why the post-pandemic world needs an innovative leader?

Why thought-forward leadership in today’s economy A fundamental transformation for business leaders is underway. Today, business leaders are pushed to lead in a world unlike anything anyone has ever encountered in the business world previously. The world requires leaders who...

A Comprehensive Guide to RPA in Salesforce

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is used with Salesforce to enhance potency and decrease human error in monotonous tasks such as data migration. Many companies are looking for methods to leverage this technology - and there are various ways to do it.RPA for Salesforce RPA...

Achieving Leading-Edge Semiconductor Capabilities with CriticalRiver!

Semiconductors are small electronic devices based practically on silicon or germanium and facilitate almost all industrial projects, including systems that support technological competitiveness and national security. As parts in chips get tinier and global competition rises,...



Approaching & Enhancing Customer Experience in 2021

The acceleration of digital transformation has brought a much more knowledgeable customer base with greater demands. Modern-day businesses must prioritize producing a robust digital customer experience (CX) plan as the chief differentiator to charm their customers. By...


Approaching a Seamless Multi-Channel Experience

With more phases of life and work negotiated through technology, customer expectations for constant, connected, and personalized experiences are rising. Recognizing their demands and unmet requirements is crucial to increasing real customer engagement across all...


Building AppExchange Solution with Salesforce PDO

Product Development Outsourcers or PDOs signify a broad spectrum of consulting associates and vendors with expertise in developing commercial apps and other relevant services like coaching, funding, marketing, or selling an app. These functional partners can help...


Choosing the On-premise to Cloud Transformation

Previously, the large organization predominantly used cloud computing, and it was not available for smaller companies. However, today the competition is brutal, and the cloud provides companies with the required edge. Today, any company has the ability and the money...


Cloud Computing: Delivering Convenience Seamlessly!

Cloud Computing has had transformative impacts over the last decade. Businesses are more reliant on cloud services and data centers to function every day. This has made life more comfortable and convenient for customers, even those who don't understand the cloud's...


Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities and What to Do About Them

Businesses are rapidly using the cloud to remodel their digital transformations. There are numerous advantages of cloud computing, including possible lower costs and quicker time to market. However, with the cloud's advantages, data security is among the key interests...


Cloud Optimization Best Practices to Improve Efficiency

Just deploying a bunch of cloud services is not enough anymore. It is imperative for companies to monitor resources continually and assure productivity. It is vital to increase the return on investment (ROI). Along with resources, it is essential to monitor security...


Business Growth and Beyond with Cognitive Computing!

Introduction More than half of the organizations that had secured a spot in the Fortune 500 have gone insolvent today. New businesses have rapidly taken their place at the list. With Cloud computing aiding exceptional agility and adaptability, these new companies seem...

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