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Chin Up: Five Ways of Dealing with Change Fatigue in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation ushers sweeping changes across the organization that guarantee success and profits. The promise comes with an assured improvement in workflows, customer experience, and growth prospects. Often, enterprises are tempted to go all-in with a significant...

Business Friction Modernization: CEOs Technology prerogative for tomorrow!

The past couple of years has seen the world grappling with the pandemic and doing everything it could to build the next normal. 2022 has come, and we are eager to witness hybrid workplaces, technological breakthroughs, and connected experiences that create history. During these...

Why the post-pandemic world needs an innovative leader?

Why thought-forward leadership in today’s economy A fundamental transformation for business leaders is underway. Today, business leaders are pushed to lead in a world unlike anything anyone has ever encountered in the business world previously. The world requires leaders who...

A Comprehensive Guide to RPA in Salesforce

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is used with Salesforce to enhance potency and decrease human error in monotonous tasks such as data migration. Many companies are looking for methods to leverage this technology - and there are various ways to do it.RPA for Salesforce RPA...

Achieving Leading-Edge Semiconductor Capabilities with CriticalRiver!

Semiconductors are small electronic devices based practically on silicon or germanium and facilitate almost all industrial projects, including systems that support technological competitiveness and national security. As parts in chips get tinier and global competition rises,...



COVID-19: Light at the end of the tunnel

COVID-19 is a new reality that we live in and has changed everything. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing anxiety because of the uncertainty around how long it will be a part of our lives. Social distancing measures and masks are the new normal, reducing the spread of...

Digital Transformation

COVID-19 Accelerating Digital Commerce Trends

COVID-19 has drastically altered consumer buying behaviors and expedited the development of and shift to digital commerce for businesses worldwide. These new behaviors will influence the market and re-shape the commerce plan of organizations worldwide over the next...


Enabling Quality Testing with CriticalRiver

CriticalRiver has elaborated its services for organizations wishing to outsource all or a portion of their software QA activities. We equip our customers with autonomous QA and analysis services to grab the demand and eliminate the barriers between great ideas and...

Digital Experience

Enhancing Customer Experiences in the Post- Covid-19 Era

Social-distancing and contactless everything is the need of the hour; the coronavirus pandemic has brought new necessities for a new normal. During the pandemic and in a post-pandemic world, customers are looking for a safe way to carry out their customer journeys....


How Oracle is Steering Customer Experience through COVID-19

The world of customer experience is facing enormous transformation – and there could be a massive price to pay for corporations who grapple with evolving with it. Consumers need more human, empathetic service. Simultaneously, improvements in technology raise employee...


How the Way Work has Evolved Post-Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the work arena. As startling as it has been, the disruption has changed the way employee, employers, and businesses are operating; it has changed the dynamics of work culture for good. The tech industry is accustomed to occasional...

Managed Services

Mitigating Disruptions post-COVID-19 with Managed Service

As businesses deal with the financial consequences of COVID-19, enterprises are now lowering operating expenses as much as they can. Apart from cost-cutting on any potential investments, many also limit growth while ensuring that they can still withstand after the...


Post COVID-19: The new normal

We are eight months into a new decade, and it already 'the worst' year in the 21st century. COVID-19 has destabilized most organizational settings. The impact of COVID-19 will depend not only on the nature of the virus but also on how society reacts to disruptions...

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