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With continuously evolving healthcare laws and developing technology, healthcare payers and providers are always looking to leverage digital technologies to enhance healthcare quality and patient engagement.

The Healthcare industry embraces a patient-centric strategy to make more intelligent decisions for providing reliable healthcare. Healthcare organizations need to redefine their operating standards, healthcare IT solutions, customer engagement methods, and the complete ecosystem to fulfil the market need.

CriticalRiver’s Healthcare services deliver cost-effective, high-quality care through reliable systems, products, and business models.

While healthcare players require to develop self-service portals, data engineering, and advanced analytics abilities, the final objective is to deliver integrated healthcare cost-effectively.

Using our domain experience, we provide our clients end-to-end healthcare solutions. It includes business consulting, system integration, application development, testing, automation, analytics, mobility, and data management.

How CriticalRiver Delivers Transformational Healthcare Solutions?

Internet of Things

IoT is a concept that relates uniquely identifiable machines attached to the Internet. It can interact with each other. Internet of Things facilitates higher quality care and time savings along with patient safety. At CriticalRiver, we enable IoT to efficiently manage medical facilities with uninterrupted access to equipment, data, and patients’ information.


Our solutions are designed for remote medical care to observe the patients’ health status outside of a hospital setting. The solution collects and processes data from measuring tools managing specific medial parameters and enables them to reach their physicians remotely. CriticalRivers’s solutions allow early discovery of threats to a patient’s health. Our system also helps medical staff during the review of the collected data, facilitating internal consultations.


Data protection from unapproved access is vital in healthcare. Access to delicate data should be granted to approved persons, with the scope of stringently monitored and liability mechanisms in place. CriticalRiver’s cybersecurity solutions enable you to preserve your patient’s and healthcare staff’s identity and allow, validate, and manage access to medical applications, devices, and crucial data.


Allow quicker release cycles, more rapid on-boarding of applications with significantly developed processes and automation leveraging CriticalRiver’s dedicated DevOps team. Additionally, as healthcare institutions become more data-driven, it is vital to precisely handle all the data collected.


We deliver a complete range of healthcare testing services, including automation and regulatory testing for our clients. Our extensive archives of test frameworks, including automation frameworks, scripts, regulatory-focused testing methods, help our clients expedite time to market significantly.

Quality Reporting

We help healthcare providers adopt a data-driven culture, increase data collection, reporting and BI to remodel patient care and decrease operational expenses. Our reporting service guides healthcare organizations to leverage data-driven decisions to deliver better margins, get satisfied patients, and enhance overall healthcare performance. Our BI practice converges on helping the healthcare industry make more sense of their data, supporting our clients with making better healthcare decisions.

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