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It is easy for me to say this, sitting across the Atlantic, in the Bay Area in California, but I do know for a fact, like countless India-born people from all over the world, what it means to suffer helplessly amidst chaos all around. And not a day passes for us without listening to heart-wrenching stories of men, women, and children succumbing to this invisible enemy, though fighting valiantly to their best. And my heart goes out to those family members who helplessly lost their loved ones because of the virus.

In the same breadth, we also hear heart-rending stories of the frontline warriors – Doctors, Nurses, Municipal and Police Personnel putting their life on the line to save the lives of millions every single day.

A doctor in Pune in western India just lost his father, his brother and wife tested positive and hospitalized, yet he reports the call of duty to save his patients, the ambulance staff ferrying patients 24/7 without a break, and a 5-month pregnant woman traffic cop standing on the road under the blistering sun ensuring people follow lockdown guidelines.

My-Dear-INDIA- Stay-Strong

The stories are numerous and from every corner of India. They’re toiling hard every single day tirelessly, endlessly, and relentlessly. They say ‘heroes are made in crises’, there are the real unsung heroes. Perhaps something to find solace from in gloomy times.

Almost all states are under partial to full lockdown and the federal and state government are doing their utmost best to save lives, though it a gargantuan task to vaccinate a nation of 1.3-billion people and we’re miles away from it. Support and succor are pouring from almost all countries and I also take this opportunity to thank the USA and other countries for extending their help to India. And I also salute all the companies and people/individuals who are doing our best in whatever small way we can to reach out to our people with every possible help.

At CriticalRiver Inc. the priority for us is the health, and well-being of our employees operating from our excellence centers in India. The HR teams are rallying around our staff 24/7 with operational hotlines, and as a company, we’re offering COVID-19 health insurance to them, and also exploring options to help financially and to help get vaccinations. The leadership team and other people in the organization personally are reaching out to all our employees when they’re tirelessly working from home to ensure the business continuity of our customers.

Having said that all, I’m an eternal optimist. The history of mankind is replete with innumerable stories where we rose and withstood the natural and man-made calamities and I see no reason why we can’t do it again.

CriticalRiver family and I offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and prayers to the departed souls.

I request you all to be safe and put your health and that of your family members above everything else. I strongly advise you not to leave your homes without wearing a protective mask, practice social distancing, and avoid crowds and closed spaces. I urge all of you in India only to venture out only if it is an emergency until things in India come to normal.

In the end, I repeat“My dear India – Stay Strong” Stay Safe, stay healthy, and Save Lives.

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