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Due to COVID-19, businesses worldwide were forced to reinvent their established workflows on short notice. During this time, companies transitioned from the regular office to the virtual workplace. Organizations shuddered for weeks due to lockdown measures, and consumers’ shopping habits eventually shifted online.

Because of these transformations altogether, COVID-19 has expedited digital transformation, from AI systems to cloud-based software solutions across businesses. Many companies are leveraging AI chatbots to engage with customers during the pandemic.

A chatbot is powered by AI, which mimics real communication with users through a chat interface. It can have a chat with you, just like a real person.

Chatbots depend on Machine Learning to collect conversational cadences that enable them to replicate human communications and respond to written or spoken requests to give service.

Here is how AI-Powered Chatbots are accelerating Digitalization:


We all have encountered the problems of holding our telephone lines to get in touch with a call center agent. Such events are not rare when we call up a call center for urgency and wait for a long time.

Chatbots are available to the consumer anytime they wish and reduce the long waiting time. A live chat agent could serve other customers and most likely put your customer on hold. This is where AI-powered chatbots have an edge. They can handle many conversations with the shortest wait time as opposed to a human agent.


The flexible properties of AI-powered chatbots make it fit for any business. It synergizes workflows within different business functions, be it sales or marketing to customer support. Eventually, the customer gets the privilege of getting their query clarified quickly.

Chatbots, at the back-end, discusses tactically with business functions. Cross-selling happens based on customer needs and at a quicker pace than human-agent communication. Better team collaboration employing chatbots shows how accurately you engage with the customer.

Enhance Demand-Supply Ratio

AI chatbots are especially useful to industries where demand is high, and the workforce is limited to manage increasing demand. When the agent cannot control huge call volume in a call center situation, chatbots come to your rescue. Chatbots have a leading advantage in enhancing the number of customers attended, directly proportional to your business profits.

Handling Customers Accurately

Emotions drive human agents. Most of the time, they cannot manage an angry customer, which hurts customer happiness and agent morale. Chatbots are programmed to follow the guided rules and manage customer emotions properly, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.


Hiring a call center agent is never a cheap and straightforward task. It will turn out to be a costly affair when your profits are not high or do not meet sales targets. This mismatch between hiring expenses and profit can create confusion in any business.

One single chatbot is equivalent to a group of agents, and it can concurrently manage many customers. It would reduce your operational expense, resulting in a steep increase in profits and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Onboarding

AI chatbots can assure accelerated onboarding by training the new-joiners; constant information up-gradation is the answer to growing a healthy and productive workforce. AI chatbots collect knowledge data and distribute valid information to the user without any holes in the process.


While there is plenty of hype around chatbots, the technology is still in its nascent stages, mainly because of the underlying AI technology.

Despite chatbots, there will still be real communication and discussion with a customer. Yet, it will not be open and expansive. There will be some limits, and users will have choices. In a natural conversation, there could be many levels of purposes and questions baked into one comment. That is where chatbots do not do that well, particularly in understanding the intention and processing it.

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