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Chatbot Built In Business Logic

Account Management

Manage account operations
View account transactions
Manage admin-related activities

Customer Service

24/7 customer support
Customer feedback & measurement
Higher customer satisfaction


Personalized marketing
Targeted offers
Better user engagement


24/7 customer representative
Targeted offers
Better user engagement

Human Resources

Accelerate new employee onboarding
Targeted products/services offerings
Better conversion rates

IT Help Desk

24/7 user support
Standardized support information
Reduced cost of support

Nimoy Makes Provisioning Chatbot Functionality Easy

AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) for intent and entity detection

Multiple Natural Language Understanding (NLU) training models to predict
user-intent from incoming Bot requests

Live agent handover, allowing human to takeover bot conversation

Connect any channel to any backend system using standards such as REST

Build customer flows once and deploy to any channel

Chatbot analytics that enables the system to continuously learn about user behavior and adjust to provide a better experience




AI-Powered Nimoy Chatbot Features Overview


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Five Fatal Mistakes to Avoid during Salesforce Integration

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Salesforce Data Security – Best Practices & Solutions

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Demystifying Cloud and Edge Computing

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