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Safety has forever been a core objective for the utility industry. Now in the face of a global pandemic, assuring that vital lifeline services are not disrupted has generated an unusual challenge. The innovative yet term decisions utility leaders make today to guard their employees, communities, and industry against COVID-19 will unquestionably influence future operations.

To ensure resiliency immediately and in the long term, precedence must be placed on ensuring people’s protection and going the extra mile to assist customers while reducing financial consequences.

Leaders are already enduring substantial declines in productivity as most employees fight with their families’ safety, care, and education. Each utility will have distinct demands and specifications for workplace and people administration, customer service, and business continuity.

Competing preferences and restricted funds can demand hard choices and pause essential projects. Organizations strive to do it all, but some aspects of managing a utility require partnering with external experts.

Building your Response

Utilities worldwide realize that an accelerated and well-coordinated response is needed to handle and adjust to an evolving situation proactively. It is crucial for everyone in the organization to understand their roles and duties. A unique cross-functional response organization should be stabilized with one event administrator. It helps adjust response objectives and organize the resources to help field crews, call centers, and control room operators entrusted with performing tactical operations.

Thinking about the Future

The unpredictability and complexity of a pandemic make reacting more intricate than a regular natural disaster. As a result, utilities should create various situations centered on the influence of the current and possibly worsening operating stipulations on the business over the next couple of years. The holes recognized in the situations will help to notify critical factors when developing short and long-term tactics.


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Partnering with Stakeholders

When governments frequently restrict people’s movement to reduce the spread of COVID-19, utilities can anticipate a change in the electricity requirement. Residential usage and water infrastructure requirements will rise as families are at home for more extended periods. Local bodies will champion response priorities in the varied communities they serve. Regulators may inject recently acquired mandates that do not support the standard business model. As a result, there is a chance for utilities to actively partner with different stakeholder groups to know their demands and adequately set expectations, respectively.


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Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Your network can face many environmental challenges or even a crash that only hits your information systems. You may not evade them, but you can lessen the impact these issues have on your business. MSPs provide you with a security net that shields critical network data when the unforeseen occurs.

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