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Salesforce Plus is an on-demand come live content platform directed at business experts. Salesforce+ will cover live event programming, innovative series, podcasts, and other programs. All centered on professional growth content, such as acquiring new crafts or seeking new career chances.

The brand-new service is already open to a global audience through free subscriptions. Salesforce has no intentions to charge for it.

According to Salesforce, the latest platform will have six original series, four channels, and over 100 hours of content. Salesforce Plus originals will feature a program focusing on how industry leaders dealt with the global pandemic and other such engaging series.

Unlike streaming alternatives offered by Walt Disney and Netflix, this service is meant to be a business media platform, including life experiences, unique series, and podcasts.

Salesforce Plus will be ready for a global audience just like Dreamforce, the world’s most comprehensive software event. Dreamforce is a family get-together designed to draw together the complete Salesforce community — clients, co-workers, representatives, students, and more — to learn, unite, have fun, and give back. Salesforce+ will help make the Dreamforce event more engaging with live and on-demand content that watchers can customize to their interests.

With the launch of Salesforce Plus, other Salesforce events will involve point-in-time live experiences and innovative, on-demand brand experiences, coupled with a slate of original programming.

Spectators can also customize the Salesforce Plus experience by choosing content related to roles, industry, or topics. Affiliates can see and follow a compilation of content on sales, financial services, or AI.

Salesforce Plus gives chances for experts to absorb new lessons and hear from the most inspirational leaders in their appropriate field. They have particular roles for which they’re targeting content — whether it be the CMO, a sales expert, client service, or just someone looking to break into tech. It provides Salesforce content about people who have gone from hairdresser to senior vice president; some astonishingly impactful stories are crucial for the organization

If you observe closely, the new initiative implies that Salesforce wants to take a nibble out of LinkedIn and other SaaS content platforms and publishers. It could be a launch point for a more comprehensive content platform, where its allies are producing their content and using Salesforce+ support to help them sell to and develop their customers.

With companies trying to meet the evolving needs of digital engagement, winning businesses will deliver frictionless, reliable user identity. Salesforce will help link identity data silos across channels to produce a single view of the customer and extensible identity solution that sizes to meet the requirements of the world’s largest corporations.

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