How we helped transform student application process digitally for Los Angeles Film School (LAFS)

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I am pleased to talk about a success story, the story of CriticalRiver’s Salesforce Community Cloud implementation for the prestigious Los Angeles Film School (LAFS). LAFS was facing challenges with student applications process and manual communications/follow-ups. CriticalRiver implemented Salesforce Community Cloud to simplify the LAFS application submission process.

The implementation eliminated the manual error-prone work, digitally transformed the application submission process, and enhanced LAFS employees’ digital experience. After successful implementation and Go-live, the leadership team of LAFS and CriticalRiver got together for a virtual lunch to celebrate the occasion and discuss the way forward to use Salesforce communities for various customer/student engagement processes to the fullest.

Speaking during the virtual luncheon, Iyob Araia, Vice President of Information and Media Technology at LAFS said “CriticalRiver enabled us to significantly improve the digital experience of applicants. It also helped us with speed and agility for our employees to process the applications. We’ll continue our relationship with CriticalRiver for automation of other areas.”

James Winstead, Vice President Marketing of LAFS added “CriticalRiver built a very nice-looking application portal based on the requirements using Salesforce Communities to bring much-improved functionality, usability, and performance. Our vision is to use the community aspect to the fullest extent”. 

LAFS’s project implementation literally happened during this pandemic and I’m really proud that, despite trying times, CriticalRiver’s team delivered the project meeting the timelines. We really feel honored that we are a technology partner for such a prestigious institution and humbled that we helped LAFS improve efficiency and productivity using Salesforce Applications and Technologies.


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