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In 2020, High-tech semiconductor industry sales are expected to reach 433 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. Semiconductors are crucial components of electronics devices and the industry is highly competitive. The year-on-year growth rate in 2020 is expected to see growth rates of 5.9 percent. 


One of the biggest challenges faced by the Semiconductor industry is scaling effectively & efficiently. As production ramps, shipment volumes increase exponentially – yet operational production complexity exists from day 1.

Apart from the above, escalating design costs, growing product complexity, shrinking average sales prices, and the relentless pace of innovation are creating intense pressures on companies in the semiconductor industry. With the industry’s daunting design challenges, accelerated lifecycles, and complex supply chains, it is no wonder that product launch dates, development budgets, and quality targets are frequently missed.

The high risk of management execution and investor milestones demand that intelligent operations and global supply chains be equipped early on to mitigate the chaotic path to production clarity. All this will happen by focusing on Digital Transformation in every phase of this Industry, thus today Hi-Tech enterprises are engulfed with digital disruption, where they must get onto the digital bandwagon and transform the way they operate and do business.

Now Digital Transformation can happen in the above-shown value chain i.e. before Enterprise level, at the Enterprise level, and after Enterprise level, which broadly falls into four phases.

Product & Business Model

Enhancing the product using Digital technologies & change the Business Models like replacing the on-premise solution by Cloud solution

Organization & Processes

Internal Stakeholder (e.g. Finance, HR, etc.,) process gets enhanced by Digital technologies to make processes quicker & error-free impact

Market Strategy

Go-To-Market strategy enhanced by Digital technologies to reach the customer quicker

Customer Engagement

External Stakeholder (e.g. CRM, Vendors, etc.,) process gets enhanced by Digital technologies to make processes quicker & issue fewer interactions

CriticalRiver can help at all these four phases in achieving the Digital Transformation for Tomorrow Together by using a plethora of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data & analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, cloud, digital integration, mobility & blockchain, help evolve new business models and transform the existing value chain.

CriticalRiver has a vast experience in leading Digital Transformation consulting for our Hi-Tech clients and enabling newer business models. So, how this happens and how CriticalRiver helped on this for some of the Large Manufacturing Enterprises in the Hi-Tech Semiconductor Industry.

  • IoT led Smart Manufacturing, which relies on Analytics and M2M, to connect machines through sensors, networks, devices, plants, people & processes, to Cloud to Predictive Analytics for optimizing the operational efficiency of these devices further improving Manufacturing efficiency
  • Finance-as-a-Service built a Channel Revenue Management Solution by Automating across their distribution channel activities like Ship and debit, Price Protection, Point to Sale, Inventory Management, etc., for stopping the Revenue Leakages by validating claims & thus making this team a Profit Centre with this Solution
  • Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS), built a Pricing Automation System which is a very comprehensive solution in addressing the Pricing related challenges on going with Internal & External stakeholders as earlier it was a manual process. This solution solved Pricing Compliance issues with Audits completed on time also reduced sales & services teams time in addressing Pricing related issues and the major success as it created one Complete view of Pricing Data
  • Supply Chain-as-a-Service (SCaaS), automated the Consignment process for Supply Chain and Managed Services of Channel Revenue & Pricing System
  • Automation-as-a-Service, built & streamlined Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Process and the Backlog Order Process using Salesforce Communities which enabled RMA Automation for Distribution channel, Self Service RMA, Self Service Order Visibility & Backlog Order Changes
  • Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS), built & implemented the Lead Automation System & the Web Marketing Portal, by doing User Interface Design, Development & Executes Web Marketing and Generated Analytics Data which helped for 55% improvements in efficiency and productivity levels and 43% reduction in resources optimization and IT operations. Optimum applications uptime empowered faster time-to-market & More focus on core business objectives resulting in more demand generation
  • Digitalization of all API Documentation was done, which improved the developer experience by letting people integrate as quickly as possible with the API and increase user awareness, also helping for better collaboration within Developers Community. Thus, you get Improved User Adoption, Increased Awareness, Save Support Time & Costs, and Easier Maintenance

Below are the major takeaways:

  • Improved Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Efficient Business Models help for Agile & Innovative Culture
  • Optimizing Internal Processes yielding for Significant Time & Cost Savings
  • Establishing new value Networks & Digital Eco-system

Please email us on should you need more information on how CriticalRiver can help you digitally transform your enterprise, automate the processes.

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