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CX plays a vital role in digital transformation. Many digital transformations result from pain points, business innovation demands, and growth imperatives on the business’s customer experience side.

Digital transformation allows businesses an opportunity to engage present-day buyers and deliver on their expectations of a seamless customer experience regardless of channel or place.

These are created by the rising value of an end-to-end customer experience development approach caused by evolving customer expectations and experiences offered by the best-in-class. Sometimes, companies look mainly at what has become known as the digital CX in a digital transformation context. However, digital transformation projects in CX can extend far beyond the sheer digital dimension. Let’s not ignore that the consumer is one, even if it makes sense to look at the digital customer experience.

Mutual value and CX transformation and innovation

Customer experience, following the customer journey, and optimizing user experience is necessary for every executive’s context: money. On top of specific cases, there are numerous pieces of research looking at the result of an ongoing focus on CX optimization and innovation.

Customer experience innovation builds mutual value for anyone in the holistic definition of the customer, about any phase of their experience with a solution, focusing on the customer’s jobs-to-be-done.

An enterprise-wide approach

Digital transformation on the CX level is not just the front-end and customer-facing functions, let alone touchpoints. It’s a matter of complete organization and demands, including the back-end as well.

It also needs an enterprise-wide strategy or better: a roadmap towards such a holistic method. In practice, you need to begin somewhere, but the end objectives need that sooner or later, it is done. The enterprise-wide program is at the same time an origin point and transformational step.

People First

Blending the back-end and front-end is just part of a transformational challenge on technology and methods. People are the most critical element of CX management and a holistic customer experience optimization strategy, both within and – obviously – regarding the customer. When digital customer-facing methods and communications, and customer experiences are vital in achieving the CX optimization aims, please make sure these digital touchpoints are so relevant that customers use them instead of the less efficient and expensive ones they prefer today.

Knowing the why

Handling the customer experience and optimizing it leads to open and tangible outcomes for the company. However, each business is distinct.

The “why” of optimizing the CX is vital. The question to demand is not just what and how; it’s also why. The apparent reason is that satisfied customers are good business and that customer service excellence is the foundation. Specific pain points can involve improving customer churn, more unhappy customers, anything really with the why beyond the why being core. In other words: developing processes and digitizing to improve customer experiences is one thing, change and the reasons for it another.

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