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On 23rd Dec. 2019, we celebrated our annual day, a day when all the founders and senior leadership team came together under one roof. We reflected and reminisced the bygone days, where we stand today and what lies ahead of us in the years to come. And yes, we celebrated, with all our employees, with much fanfare, joy.

CriticalRiver’s journey started five years ago, though it started small, but with big dreams, as most do. We, a group of friends took the plunge, oblivious of what is in store for us.

A lot was at stake when we hit upon the idea to unveil CriticalRiver, for we were risking our lucrative careers. Taking the plunge meant disrupting our lives, the future of our families personally and well-paid jobs professionally.

Coming out of our comfort zone, rolling the sleeves, dirtying hands was hard. There were many hurdles and obstacles, for we took the untrodden path, the road less traveled. There were failures, we fell, only to rise and move forward. And in doing so, we came up triumphs. They say experience is a good teacher. Yes! it has taught us a lot and continues to do so.

At the annual day celebration, when I was asked to speak, I was lost in thoughts, trying to find solace in the milieu. I succumbed to my emotional conundrum. Perhaps, I was too overwhelmed by the occasion.

Sneak Peak into our Annual Day Celebrations

As I sit back today, reflect, and take a walk down the memory lane in nostalgia over half a decade long journey, I’m swamped with memories. The reminisces are varied. The slog, the toil, the sleepless nights, the pains and pleasures, all engulf me at one go.

Though steering the boat through turbulent weather was indeed a herculean task, but for the blessings of my parents, support of my family and backing of my friends. All, my pillars of strength.

When we set out half a decade ago, the first thing I jotted down were our values. And these values, we believe in and stand for, are the four pillars on which CriticalRiver was built.

And these four pillars of CriticalRiver, our values are Customer-Focus, Respect, Responsibility, and Honesty.

And today, after five years, I experience a sense of fulfillment and gratification that we haven’t compromised on our values. We still clutch our values close to our hearts, because they are the cornerstones of our success.

Taking baby steps, building brick by brick, today we have a 300+ strong workforce spread across multiple geographies from North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

Right from the top rung leadership team to an intern, they slog tirelessly, ceaselessly and relentlessly every single day. Their unflinching desire for excellence and yearning to deliver the best is always palpable.

My heart swells with pride when I see their passion for work, compassion towards co-workers and a sense of responsibility towards our valued customers.

Perhaps all these – The Values, Leadership Teams, The Coherent and Cohesive Workforce – have culminated in our company CriticalRiver today is recognized and certified as – A Great Place to Work. Something I’m humbled about.

It would be unfair on my part not to acknowledge the contributions that I received, starting from:

People with enormous experience, credibility, integrity, and stature. They are the backbone of CriticalRiver. Inspiring, motivating, guiding, pushing and prodding us to do more.

All technology heads, domain practice heads, delivery heads, on- shore, off-shore heads, consultants, team leads and their respective teams. Their strive for excellence, single-minded devotion to duty is unparalleled.

All technology partners – Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite. Their support has been invaluable.

Last but not least – Our Families and Customers.

For believing in us, running the home, taking care of children when we were burning the midnight oil.

Most of them billion-dollar enterprises. They are the reason for CriticalRiver’s sustenance and existence. For their conviction in our skills and capabilities that we have that in us what it takes to add value to their business and help them grow.

Thank you to all of them would be too small a word, it simply does not do justice for their contributions. But then, I do not have any other words, than, THANK YOU.

After successfully surpassing many milestones we set, and as we embark on more ambitious, realistic milestones, we are excited to build on the foundation we laid five years back – To bring happiness, joy, and success to all stakeholders at CriticalRiver.

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