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Alvin King Razon Did Not Give Up

Often, in the midst of financial stress, students decide to drop out of college. While in the short term, this solves the most immediate problem of finance and debt, it can have dire consequences in the future.

Alvin King Razon, associate CC&B developer, realized this early. There was a time when Alvin almost had to stop his studies as his family was going through financial difficulties and could not support him anymore. He was pursuing Electronics Communications Engineering Technology in 2010.

“I felt so depressed at the thought that I would not be able to graduate,” Alvin said.

One of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety is uncertainty. But Alvin was determined not to bow down to either.

“I looked for ways to support myself and my studies by doing part-time jobs. I worked as a typist for some time and took up other jobs so that I could study.

Moved by his efforts, Alvin’s aunt, who worked for the local government as a city auditor’s executive assistant, decided to support his education. It was this magnanimous act that helped Alvin graduate from college.

“Now, I have my dream job. I am happy to be part of CriticalRiver Inc. which is a company with endless possibilities. I love meeting and communicating with different people. CriticalRiver gives me the opportunity to interact with a diverse crowd who are warm and very much welcoming,” Alvin said.

Struggles did not end for Alvin with his graduation. One of the biggest challenges for him is to remain healthy.

“This is somehow a kind of struggle for me up to this point in time,” he said. Despite the busy work schedule, Alvin participated in the CR RUN 4 – Employee Wellness Program.

In CriticalRiver, Alvin plans to continue sharpening his skill through the various training courses and skill enhancement programs.

Having struggled financially early in his life, Alvin has realised the need to save for the future. “My motto in life is “A penny saved is a penny earned”. I believe we should always spend our hard-earned money wisely and save up for the future and emergency situations,” Alvin said.

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