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Why CriticalRiver?

We offer wide spectrum of electrical engineering services such as project management, planning, engineering, and design services to electric utilities.

  • We offer complete, comprehensive, and turn-key electrical engineering services in the utilities industry.
  • Electrical Project Engineering, Estimating and Scheduling for New Installations and/or Modifications of Existing Systems
  • We put in place robust systems and procedures of global standards
  • We leverage state-of-art cutting edge technologies including specialized electrical engineering design software
  • Resources trained, nurtured, and certified in areas of software, electrical engineering
  • NESC and Utility compliance and verification
  • FCC compliance for tracking the dates
  • Follow the laid-out blueprint for poles issues
  • Build, test, track, analyze all post-implementation audits reports vetted by experts

Our Offerings

As a part of our electrical engineering services, from inception to
completion, we plan the entire life cycle, which includes:

  • Understanding of the initial requirements
  • Field survey and analysis of region/location
  • Formulating the road-map plan such as:
    • Setting up a high-powered Analysts, Software Experts, Electrical Engineers
    • Identifying tools, software, technologies to be used and implemented
    • Build the design layout and take all stakeholders on-board
  • NERC compliance, facility ratings
  • Thorough quality assurance, safety testing process completion
  • Implementation and delivery of the project

Pole Load Analysis

Our Pole Load Analysis is three-phased:

  • Exhaustive pole load analysis
  • Formulate and deliver the right-fit project implementation recommendations and suggestions
  • Post construction/implementation audits submission to all stakeholders


Top 4 Best Practices for Successful Pole Loading Analysis

Top 4 Best Practices for Successful Pole Loading Analysis

Introduction Utility poles must be designed and constructed with specific safety features in mind. The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) reports the requirements for the secure installation and maintenance of aerial and buried power and telecommunication...

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Rediscovering growth with Industry 4.0

Rediscovering growth with Industry 4.0

A New Version reigning the industry, or you can call it Fourth Industry Revolution, Industry 4.0 is here to stay. The fourth industrial revolution had adopted computers and automation from the first industrial revolution driven by mechanization through water and steam...

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The utility sector is continually evolving, and there are still many significant
technologies and developments to return in. The surge in demand for utilities
has a direct bearing on social development. Advanced analytics plays a crucial
role in resolving the queries long faced by the utility industry in data management,
supported energy, and knowledge analytics.


Digitally transformed businesses will value more than 60% of
global GDP by 2023. We are shifting to a post-digital era. Technology,
which originated as a competitive advantage, is now the new normal.
Organizations are looking for the next tech discoveries that will let them
produce more customized experiences and supersede.

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