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Powering Rapid Digital Transformation
Through Intelligent Integration Solutions

CriticalRiver + Workato

Powering Rapid Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Integration Solutions

Certified Partner


Global Customers


Hours of Digital Transformation Project Implementation


Technology Professionals

Multiple Accelerators

Services Offered by Workato’s COE (Center of Excellence)

  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Envisioning and Planning
  • Integration Architecture and Design
  • Technology Assistance
  • Implementation Services
  • Governance and Maintenance
  • Best Practices
  • Competency Building

Developed custom client solutions across diverse landscapes, including:

  • Implementation of B2B integrations
  • Process automation
  • Application data integration
  • On-premises to cloud, Cloud-to-cloud application integration
  • Legacy system integration
  • Big data/datawarehouse integration
  • Integrating with enterprise applications (such as Oracle EBS, CRM…)

Additionally, CriticalRiver has trained and certified 30+ employees in Workato and enrolled 80+ in the Workato Competency Program, demonstrating a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technology and providing exceptional service to clients.

Our Solutions

Tech Stack Optimization - Software License Spend Optimization App

A new Accelerator built for software license (app) spend optimization. This new accelerator will automate:

  • 38% wasted spend on unused software licenses
  • Customizable definition of low/no usage users
  • Extensible to any platform with API access to usage data; uses .CSV files when not available
  • Automates messaging and confirmation to users via Email, Slack, and MS Teams
  • Deprovisions from the source app of identity management tool where API’s are available
  • Alerts users to manually remove or reate a ticket where deprovision APIs are not available
HR Automation for Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Employee Experience

Our pre-built HR accelerator solution offers automation across the recruitment, HR, ERP, timesheet, and payroll systems, reducing implementation time and improving flexibility, scalability, and customization to meet changing business needs.

  • Automates employee onboarding and access provisioning
  • Synchronizes data with other systems for a single source of truth
  • Automates off-boarding and access deprovisioning
  • Configurable notifications for HR stakeholder teams

Why Workato + CR

We offer various integration solutions, including SaaS, Cloud, and on-premise

Our team of work-at-home developers, architects, and solution engineers are highly qualified and accredited

We ensure faster implementations, seamless rollouts, and de-risked upgrades

Our engagement models include project-based, fixed-cost, and time-and-material options, ensuring maximized collaboration benefits in cost, capacity, and speed

We are backed by a dedicated Center of Excellence with forward-looking capabilities to spark integration innovation at pace

Delivering Seamless Integration and Automated Solutions

Real-world examples of how CriticalRiver successfully implements seamless integration services and enables end-to-end process automation across your applications, data, and teams.

CriticalRiver helps a large cloud contact company with seamless integration, customization, and configuration that streamlines the ticket sync with client ITSM systems.

Key benefits include:

  • Improvement in faster turnaround times for ticket closures
  • 360-degree view of support cases for all stakeholders
  • Increased visibility of tickets/service requests between customers and their clients
  • Real-time sync of the ticket status without any manual intervention.