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CriticalRiver’s Talent on Demand:
The Solution to Your Australian Business’s Talent Needs

    Navigating today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape can be challenging, particularly when it comes to finding, recruiting, onboarding, training, nurturing, and retaining a skilled workforce. The growing talent gap, particularly in digital skills, threatens to impact profitability and strain corporate budgets in the coming years. Additionally, concerns over high attrition rates add to these difficulties.

    To help Australian businesses tackle these challenges, CriticalRiver offers tailored Talent on Demand solutions. Our fresh approach to talent management ensures that businesses are equipped for future success by providing a range of benefits:

    Budget Flexibility

    Access top Salesforce talent without the commitment of hiring full-time employees, saving on recruitment and employee benefit costs.

    Wider Talent Pool

    Tap into a vast pool of highly specialised talent to enjoy their expertise without the legal complexities of hiring new employees.

    Operational Efficiency

    Our Talent on Demand service allows businesses to hire remote consultants, reducing infrastructural and operational costs.

    Focused Workforce

    Assign specific tasks to our dedicated Salesforce professionals, ensuring a more focused and efficient workforce.

    By leveraging our extensive experience and certified professionals, we enable Australian organisations to enjoy the expertise of top talent without the commitment of hiring full-time employees or dealing with legal complexities. This approach ultimately saves time, money, and stress, allowing businesses to respond quickly to changing needs and improve overall performance.

    Our Mission

    At CriticalRiver, our mission is to deliver high-value services and technologies that effectively address the pressing talent needs of both today and tomorrow for Australian organisations. Partner with us and discover how our Talent on Demand solutions can help your business thrive in an ever-changing world.

    CriticalRiver Talent on Demand Engagement Model

    The engagement model for customers using CriticalRiver’s Talent on Demand services is designed to provide a seamless and efficient experience, ensuring that clients have access to the right Salesforce talent at the right time. Our model follows a structured approach to facilitate collaboration and align with the unique requirements of each client.

    • Requirement Analysis and Scope: We begin by understanding the client’s business needs, project scope, and specific Salesforce requirements. Our team collaborates closely with the client to identify the necessary skills, expertise, and the duration of engagement.
    • Talent Sourcing and Selection: Based on the client’s requirements, we source suitable Salesforce talent from our pool of certified professionals. We assess their skills, experience, and expertise to ensure they are the right fit for the project. We present a shortlist of suitable candidates for the client to review and make the final selection.
    • Onboarding and Integration: Once the client has chosen the appropriate talent, we facilitate a smooth onboarding process, ensuring that the selected professionals seamlessly integrate into the existing team. We provide any necessary training, tools, and resources to enable the talent to quickly become productive and effective contributors to the project.
    • Performance Monitoring and Support: Throughout the engagement, CriticalRiver actively monitors the performance of the Talent on Demand professionals, ensuring that they meet the client’s expectations and deliver quality work. We maintain open communication channels and provide ongoing support to address any issues, concerns, or changing requirements.
    • Scaling and Flexibility: Our Talent on Demand service offers clients the flexibility to scale up or down their Salesforce team according to project needs. As requirements change or new projects arise, we can swiftly provide additional resources or adjust the talent pool to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
    • Project Completion and Offboarding: Upon project completion, we facilitate a smooth offboarding process for the Talent on Demand professionals. We conduct a thorough review of the engagement, gathering feedback from both the client and the talent to identify areas for improvement and ensure continuous refinement of our service offerings.

    By following this structured engagement model, CriticalRiver ensures that clients receive the best possible talent solutions tailored to their specific needs, promoting project success and long-term business growth.