Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CriticalRiver Inc (Hereafter called “CriticalRiver”, Company, We, Our, Us) has a comprehensive Data Protection and Privacy Policy plan. Our Privacy Policy published on our website (Domain name – clearly explains how we collect, process, and use users’ data (Website Users) provided to us using contact forms or email ids on the website and through events and campaigns.

Users’ Personal Data on Website

We have provided the Contact, Enquiry, and Jobs forms on different pages of the website, and the users will provide us the following information.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Email Id
  • Phone
  • User’s resume (Careers Page)

Scope and How Data Used

The website userscontact us through the email id’s we listed on the website such as and, and provide the following data to us for various reasons such as:

  • Requesting additional information on our services and solutions
  • Subscribing to our blog articles
  • Seeking jobs in our company
  • Download case studies
  • Ex-Employees’ background verifications
  • Register complaints
  • Promoting their own products and services

How we process and use the data

  • All the users’ data we receive through the website is stored on the cloud in a safe and secure environment
  • We may use the data to send you newsletters, promotional campaigns, our new offerings, or events information that we participate.
  • You can always unsubscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email newsletter
  • Your data will be permanently deleted from our database and you will no longer receive email newsletters from us
  • You can also write back to you at requesting to remove your personal data from our database.
  • Upon such a request, your personal data will be removed permanently from our database
  • We will not share your personal information with any public, private organization, or institution for commercial purposes
  • We may share your personal information with Government organizations or law enforcement agencies, upon request from them to comply with any legal requirements


Microsites, Landing Pages, Region/Country Specific& Sub Domain Websites

  • CriticalRiver, from time to time, creates Microsites, Landing pages., Region/Country specific or subdomain websites on the root domain (
  • The Microsites, Landing pages., Region/Country specific or subdomain websitesare created for special events or to cover our company activities in a particular region
  • These Microsites, Landing pages., Region/Country specific or subdomain websitesmay also have forms, wherein your personal information is collected, processed, and used as mentioned above
  • These Microsites, Landing pages., Region/Country specific or subdomain websitesmay also have social media and other websites links, though you may visit those websites by clicking links on our website, microsite, or subdomain website but we are not responsible for any of your activities on those external websites

3rd Party and Social Mediawebsite Links

  • Our website may contain links to external websites such as 3rd party website external websites, and social media websites and they are outside the purview of our privacy policy and statement.
  • We encourage all our website users to read and review the privacy policies of all such external 3rd party websites that you visit by clicking on their links on our website.

Anti-Spam Policy

  • CriticalRiver recognizes sending, receiving, transmitting, and distributing spam emails (all unsolicited bulk emails) is a major challenge.
  • We take all necessary measures and steps to ensure such spam emails are filtered and deleted.
  • We reserve the right to reject and report to relevant authorities of any suspicious email we receive for appropriate action

Data Protection and Confidentiality

  • To protect the data and maintain its confidentiality, we have implemented SSL certificate for our website and hosted on the Microsoft AzureCloud
  • We have put in place all necessary systems, procedures and implemented internationally accepted best practices to protect all personal information of the users from misuse
  • Though all physical, technical, and administrative security measures are taken to protect the data and maintain its confidentiality, we at CriticalRiver do not take any responsibility for any data breach that may happen to technology failure, hacking, or any other unethical means.

GDPR Compliance

CriticalRiver complies by all data privacy regulations and guidelines of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with regard:

  • Collection of users’ personal information
  • Safety and security of the users’ personal information
  • Storing, retrieving, and using of personal information

If you, the users’ have any concern regarding your personal data and information, please direct your questions to We will respond immediately and address your concerns.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enforced as a law on July 01, 2020 and applies to the residents and businesses operating from California state. CriticalRiver Inc as a responsible for-profit company complies and adheres to the CCPA law, the rules, regulations, and guidelines.

If you, the users’ have any concern regarding your personal data and information, please direct your questions to We will respond immediately and address your concerns.

Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy will be updated regularly as per the guidelines of governments’ data policy regulations and our company policies. The subscribed users will be notified accordingly. Other users are requested to visit this Privacy Policy for review on updates.

Grievance Redressal

All users visiting our websiteand contacting us through the email ids mentioned on the website have any grievance or concerns regarding the safety and security of their personal information provided to us can immediately contact us with their concerns. You can reach us at


Corporate Headquarters

4683 Chabot Drive, Suite 350

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Tel: +1-844-228-5319 Fax: +1-610-643-5657



Asia Pacific Headquarters

Plot No. 5, 1st Floor, North Block, JVP Building,

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Tel: +91-040 48584860


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