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Solve Complex, Real-World Challenges Using Oracle Utilities with CriticalRiver

The utility business is witnessing rapid change around the world. The industry is facing unprecedented challenges with rising consumer demand for affordable and environmentally sustainable electricity and increased pressure on the existing infrastructure. Utility players are learning that traditional ways of building and operating networks are no longer viable options.

But we have you covered.

    Why CriticalRiver?

    Modern utilities are approaching current real-world challenges not with engineering solutions but by adopting new technologies that provide intelligent data-driven solutions. CriticalRiver helps maximize outcomes from these solutions by playing a crucial role in reimagining business standards and implementing effective Oracle cloud applications for its utility customer service.

    Our Key Business Processes

    From Billing and Customer Information Management to Service Order Management, CriticalRiver offers a comprehensive suite of essential business processes that drive tangible business outcomes.

    Customer Information Management

    Centralize and manage customer profiles, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for utility services.


    Meter Data Management (MDM)

    Collect, validate, and store meter readings, enabling accurate energy consumption analytics and billing.



    Generate timely and accurate invoices based on customer consumption and contractual rates.



    Facilitate smooth payment processes, ensuring timely revenue collection and customer satisfaction.


    Credit and Collections

    Monitor customer payment history, implement credit checks, and initiate collection activities for overdue accounts.


    Letter and Bill Print

    Automate the generation and dispatch of utility bills and essential communications to enhance the customer experience.


    Service Order Management (SOM)

    Coordinate and manage service requests from initiation to completion, ensuring efficient delivery of utility services.


    Market Transaction Management (MTM)

    Streamline market transactions by integrating with energy markets, handling bids, and ensuring compliance.

    Here’s how we pave the way for you to achieve a significant edge over the competition:

    Enhancing Customer Experience and Addressing Their Needs

    We help customers integrate Oracle Utilities customer care, invoicing, and smart metering to provide a service that is impactful and efficient and ensures elevated user experience and trust. Develop a unified perspective of meter and device data, simplify the implementation of intricate rating plans, and make user-friendly, on-demand assistance available via digital channels.



    Eliminating Back-Office Inefficiencies

    Improve collaboration between your front- and back-office teams without worrying about data loss or entry duplication. Take full advantage of pre-integrations with popular programs such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Video Conference technology, and more.

    Reducing Costs and Maximizing Asset Reliability

    Predict issues before they happen, increase asset reliability, enhance maintenance efficiency, and cut costs for all the assets to improve utility customer service. Work and Asset Management provides cloud or on-premises implementation options, supports the entire asset lifecycle, and expedites work with user-friendly visualizations.



    Transforming Business Data into Intelligence

    Take control of your data with powerful yet user-friendly analytics tools created especially for utilities. Clear data visualization across systems can help you find novel insights. You have access to the power of data science, AI, and machine learning (ML). Oracle Utilities analytics solutions, powered by Oracle’s in-memory database, enables real-time analytics for mission-critical activities such as outage management and business intelligence.

    Accessing New Technology Quickly and Seamlessly to Serve Customers' Unique Needs

    Provide consistent customer assistance in the channels that your utility customers prefer. CriticalRiver, in partnership with Oracle’s Utility solution, can help you boost customer satisfaction by providing faster contact center resolutions, easy account management tools, and proactive service communications.



    Stepping Into the Future with CriticalRiver's Oracle Solutions

    A large-scale digital revolution is unfolding across the utility business—from electricity and gas to water and waste. Utilities need to find creative ways to save energy in their own operations while also ensuring a safe and secure infrastructure for the environment now, and in the future. CriticalRiver offers Oracle Utility solutions, whether you require a single application or a suite of integrated apps. We help you fulfill tomorrow’s consumers’ needs while addressing the concerns of the environment, stakeholders, workers, communities, and governments as they evolve.

    Contact our experts to learn more about how CriticalRiver can assist your utility.