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Robert Frazier: The Silent Warrior

“Boom!” Bob was on a classified mission early in his career at an undisclosed location when the shots started coming in his direction. His mind raced, and his only thoughts were staying mission focused. The team depended on it! It would be nice though to live to see another day too!! He did, and went on to serve the great nation USA for 20 more years.

Cut to 2022, a healthy, hearty Bob enjoys working in a technology-based firm. A VP program director on the delivery team at CriticalRiver, Bob now has a role that is far from the battlefield but no less than a combat location in itself. And the skills he learned on active duty helped make him a success.

For 22 years, Bob served in the United States Air Force, retiring in 1993. Since then, Bob worked in civilian life as a COBOL programmer in the financial industry and in multiple roles and capacities in the telecommunications industry. In one of his jobs, he met David Nash, now the SVP, operations and talent acquisitions at CriticalRiver. He didn’t realize that their friendship would lead him to CriticalRiver, a job that he has enjoyed from the start. Bob’s present role that has enabled him to develop a wide range of skills.

“Learning something new is what I enjoy the most. The day that I learn something new, is a good day for me,” Bob said.

Two values that Bob picked up at the Air Force were honesty and integrity. “CR’s values are in line with mine. That makes things work smoothly here,” Bob said.

When asked where he sees himself 10 years later, Bob said he hoped to completely retire from work. Till then, he wishes to lead a good life, work with good people and mentor the youth.

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