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CriticalRiver Academy

An educational platform that facilitates sharing of new technologies and best practices at different levels through learning interventions.

World-class training and career development programs for employees at all levels to develop invaluable skills required to learn, grow and take charge of their careers.

CriticalRiver Academy is committed to shaping and advancing its workforce to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Key factors that empower the Academy

1. World-class support

Industry experts with a wealth of real-world experience as instructors.

2. Engaging environment

Highly-interactive classrooms that support interactive and active learning.

3. Knowledge-sharing platform

A vibrant employee knowledge hub that is open to everyone, right from freshers to leaders.

4. Professional development

Programs designed to meet the personal and professional growth aspirations of all employees.

5. Future ready

Training programs are designed to help employees learn upcoming technologies and face all challenges.

Ongoing programs at CriticalRiver Academy

1. Technical skills and soft skills

Mentoring and providing guidance to understand industry better

2. Upskilling and cross skilling

Upskilling and cross skilling through continuous learning process

3. Self, team, organizational, and operational development

Developing and reinforcing the ability to become an effective leader through a series of learning interventions

4. Overall individual’s skills development

Encouraging and supporting individuals to enhance themselves through an effective learning environment


The mission of CriticalRiver Academy is to create knowledge leaders by enhancing the skills and capabilities of its employees through tailored offerings and training programs

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