CriticalRiver's COVID - 19 Update

Employees Health & Safety, Projects Delivery & Customers’ Business Continuity

Employees Health & Safety, Projects Delivery and Customers’ Business Continuity
CriticalRiver is aware of the prevailing situation in different parts of the world on account of Covid-19. CriticalRiver is a global company with technology teams helping operations of customers in different parts of the world.

As a responsible company both to its employees and customers & business partners, a constant review is being made on the current situation and has put in place all protocols, systems, and procedures to safeguard employees’ health and business continuity of its customers. Since the situation is evolving dynamically, appropriate steps will be taken from time to time, based on need.

The Measures, Protocols and Systems & Procedures are:

  • Our employees are our strength. We take all possible steps when it comes to the health and well-being of our employees and their families
  • All personal hygiene protocols, standard operating procedures, and precautions as recommended by Governments, Healthcare Centers and Doctors are disseminated and ensured they are practiced and implemented across all CriticalRiver offices around the world
  • The employees are also advised to take extra care of their families and avoid get-togethers, parties and, all social gatherings
  • Utmost precautions are being taken for the project presentations at customers’
  • All domestic and international travel is curtailed/restricted on the need-to-need basis
  • The entire leadership team, practice heads are rallying behind our team leads and their respective teams to protect themselves and stay safe
  • The HR department has established exclusive communication channels across all regions and geographies to constantly stay in touch with our on-shore and off-shore delivery teams and ensure their well-being
  • All the projects delivery teams have been advised to exercise work-from-home options to ensure their safety as and when required
  • All employees at CriticalRiver are strictly advised to stay alert, be sensitive and reach out to the HR department at the slightest symptom to themselves, colleagues, neighbors’, friends, and families so that the appropriate measures can be taken proactively and immediately
  • Meeting and contacting people coming from worst-affected countries and those with symptoms should be strictly avoided
  • In these testing and trying times, the top priority for us at CriticalRiver is the business continuity and the mission-critical operations of our customers’ business depending on our services is not hampered
  • Our customers’ business continuity is paramount for us. All robust systems and procedures have been put in place and utmost care is taken at the highest level to ensure all projects delivery and implementations go unhindered
  • Contingency plans are put in place and the IT Operations team is proactively working with the delivery and testing teams in terms of data protection, disaster recovery should such a situation arise
  • All our customers, partners and, stakeholders are advised to contact the leadership directly should they have any concerns about project delivery
  • CriticalRiver is one large family, and together, we all are prepared to walk that extra mile and go any length to protect the health, well-being, and safety of all employees and their families

History of mankind is replete with innumerable instances when the entire human race on earth has always fought, won and risen to natural and man-made disasters and calamities in the past and made our world a better place to live. And there is no reason why we cannot do it again. We fervently hope and pray – Together, this time too, we will fight and WIN.


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