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Transforming Guest Experiences and Operations
in the Middle East’s Premier Theme Parks

  • IndustryGaming & Entertainment
  • TechnologiesMicrosoft Power Platform,
    ASP.Net and Dynamics CRM
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The Customer

The client operates a diverse portfolio of world-class and award-winning immersive experiences, attractions, and theme parks in the Middle East.

The Challenge

For one of its new theme parks, the client wanted to achieve the following:

  • Implement and integrate the B2C system, Complaints Management Portal, and Sprinklr integration with Dynamics CRM to seamlessly provide passes, special discounts, and address guest feedback and concerns through a centralized CRM system
  • Ensure a smooth B2C system integration for seamless ticketing and efficient guest experience
  • Overcoming these challenges would require careful planning, technical expertise, and user training

The Solution

  • Collaborated with the client in identifying problem areas and developing a B2C system. This system allowed theme park representatives to assist guests quickly with sign-ups, passes, and special discounts using iPads.
  • Developed a Complaints Management Portal on Microsoft Power Platform for the client to receive and manage guest complaints across their theme parks.
  • Seamlessly integrated the Complaints Management Portal with Dynamics CRM. This integration ensures that cases created in the portal are simultaneously generated in CRM. The client team follows up on these cases, addressing guest concerns and closing them within the CRM system.
  • Utilized the integrated Sprinklr system with Dynamics CRM to gather guest feedback and complaints across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Guest feedback is recorded in Sprinklr, generating corresponding cases with guest details in Dynamics CRM.
  • Microsoft Flows are triggered to create contacts and cases in Dynamics CRM based on the feedback received. The client team follows up on these cases, contacting guests via phone to address concerns and resolve issues.

Solution Components

Microsoft Power Platform, ASP.Net and Dynamics CRM

The Results

Our solutions have helped the client streamline their operations to bring a delightful experience to their guests from around the world.

  • All three systems are used to gather guest feedback and complaints that would be merged into the centralized CRM system for a 360-degree view of the guests.
  • The client team uses guest data in Dynamics CRM to address guest concerns and fix and improve any faults in their theme park’s standard operating procedures.

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