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Enriching Productivity and Reducing
Costs by 45% for AusFleet

  • IndustryFleet Management
  • TechnologiesAzure Cloud, Microsoft SQL Server 2018,
    IIS, ASP.NET, Python
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Impact Delivered


Improved marketing-qualified pipeline


Reduced sales cycle length


Enhanced prospect engagement

The Challenge

AusFleet is a leading Australia-based tech company that specializes in fleet management and workshop control software. Since 1988 they have served enterprises across public and private space, non-profits, local and state governments, healthcare and emergency, and drilling and mining sectors. The surging business was taking a heavy toll on the services, resulting in inferior performance, severely compromised user experience with sluggish server response, and significantly high infrastructure, resources, and IT maintenance costs that curbed ROI. Besides, the depleting customer base and churn rate triggered substantial revenue losses and lowered the brand value of the enterprise. To stay abreast with the growing market and customer demand, AusFleet needed to migrate to the cloud while ensuring a disruption-free transition.

The CriticalRiver Solution

CriticalRiver’s Cloud Transformation team meticulously worked with the client on migrating from on-premise to Microsoft Azure Cloud while ensuring business continuity. We seamlessly consolidated AusFleet’s 100+ database servers totalling 500 GB. By leveraging the master-slave scheme, we were able to replicate data with no challenges to Microsoft Azure Cloud. The solution also included:

  • Web servers were migrated to Azure VMs and configured based on IIS web services
  • We applied Azure Virtual Private Cloud to create public and private subnets
  • The team established multiple levels of security for AusFleet’s services
  • We met back-up requirements with custom scripts for archiving data

The Result

By tapping into Azure’s ability to scale on-demand, CritricalRiver delivered a solution that eliminated stagnation. In addition, the solution also provided benefits, including:

  • 45% cost reduction from migrating from on-premise to cloud
  • Flexibility to adapt and customize based on specific requirements
  • Maximum uptime enabled a 71% increase in efficiency and productivity levels
  • Reduced workforce dependency by 67%
  • High-end system protocols ensured data security
  • Speed, agility, and performance-enhanced customer digital experiences

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