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CriticalRiver has an expert team who navigate numerous scenarios on any given day. They combine multiple technologies together, and make them communicate with each other, all the while enabling the customer to see an easy to use application that also solves all their challenges. From Technical Consulting to Integrations to Managed Services, this team does it all.

Technology Consulting

With the pace that technology is growing it’s pretty much adapt or die for all industries. No company can afford lack of operational or technical efficiency. And in the past decade most of the big companies have adapted technologies that were trending at that time. And a decade or so ago, there was Legacy Applications.

Legacy Applications that are not purely torturous as they do not scale up as fast at the businesses and market trends do. This leads to a whole slew of new age problems that need a solution.And sometimes, just a single technology is not enough. They need to communicate with each other.That’s where CriticalRiver Advantage comes into play.

CriticalRiver team comes with a diverse expertise covering multiple technological solutions no matter what the problem is.

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Development and Integration

From building custom portals to enterprise level applications and integrating existing applications with advanced technologies managing complexities and more, this experienced team from CriticalRiver have done it all. The size of the organization is often related to the amount if data based decision making and the possibility of a legacy system already in place. CriticalRiver teams has developed solutions to centralize the data, making multiple technologies to communicate with each other in a singular platform/portal, creating custom applications to solve problems or make a process optimized, integrate with the top ERP applications to utilize the potential to it’s fullest.

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Managed Services

Adapting evolving technologies to maintain scalability is a challenge most IT teams are constantly faced with. And with the cost of technology growing rapidly, the top management is also under pressure to prove that it’s a worthy investment. And all this while the new technology is hot in the market and is not yet replaced by a newer technology. When there is so much pressure to prove, innovation and creative thinking takes a backseat. That’s where CriticalRiver comes into picture.

Being a trusted technology partner for multiple companies across the globe, CriticalRiver has time and again delivered innovative IT solutions designed to help CXOs to achieve maximum efficiency.

With CriticalRiver Managed Services, business decision makers can now concentrate on core business while the IT Solutions are handled end to end by the multi technology experts at CriticalRiver.

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Enterprise Applications

From Oracle Enterprise Applications to Custom Salesforce Applications Development. CriticalRiver has expertise in dealing with enterprise level solutions and integrating massive technologies together to make the client facing solution easy to use.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance comes into picture when the clients are unsure about the quality of development. CriticalRiver offers exclusive Testing services with certified individuals to companies across the globe. No matter what stage your software development is, testing it is always a good idea.

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Cloud Services

Migration to cloud is the need of the hour, being scalable is what every business is focusing on. Being tied down with legacy systems is no longer acceptable. CriticalRiver Team has helped multiple enterprises and SMEs in moving from their local and legacy systems to the cloud. Their proficiency in executing the project is always lauded for the accuracy in time management and technical efficiency. This is the priority for most companies and at CriticalRiver they understand the importance of going live with least disruption.

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Data analytics, system analytics, process analytics, you name it, this team does it. Analytics at the end of it all is simply about studying the data no matter how big it is, and creating automated processes to understand this data. Being a global business means being ahead of market trends across the globe, and that’s not possible without solid backing of data proven theories and strategies.

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Adopting new technology and coming up with innovative solutions is in our DNA. It’s like breathing at Critical River. It’s part of work KRA to come up with new and innovative solutions using the latest technologies whether we have any immediate requirement or not. Be it identifying the customer behaviour pattern to assist in intuitive sales process or cloud integrated solutions for the Dubai Airport Duty Free Zone using Oracle to the very first Lightning Bolt Solution for Skoll Foundation. It all started here. CR Labs is an endeavor in its nascent stage, but its the technology partner that most companies only dream of. Time and again, the teams have come up with innovative fully automated solutions for the clients.

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Case Study

When CriticalRiver's Oracle HCM Implementation helped a Public Trading Company.

Why CriticalRiver

Industry Experience

  • Energy and utilities, financial services, high tech industries, non-profit organizations, manufacturing and more.
  • Team consists of experienced consultants with operational experience in multiple industries
  • Constantly focused on how technology can improve your business
  • Always leveraging industry best-practices

Independent Thinking

  • Not affiliated with any software vendors
  • Maintains a technology-agnostic approach to ensure objectivity
  • Established proven and accelerated project methodologies
  • Constantly updating skills with extensive software research, reports, and thought leadership

Clients Are Priority

  • Comes with a liberal cancellation clause to maintain trust
  • 100-percent delivery satisfaction guarantee
  • Ensuring Measurable results and return on investment
  • Experts work on-site at client’s office. Experience with more than 50 implementations

Awesome Team

  • A global team of independent technology experts
  • Minds who created the technologies we now implement, and our clients now demand
  • Team-based and collaborative approach to solving your business needs
  • Mobile consulting team with international exposure