POS integration

Point of Sale is where the action is. Then why move away from the POS to multiple apps and devices? At CriticalRiver, we bring the action to where it belongs with seamless integration. The core functions that are now taken care of are:

Inventory Management

Product addition, deletion, availability tracking, location tracking, product placement and more.

Supplier Management

Managing suppliers, managing supplies, ordering supplies, tracking orders, managing purchase invoice and more.

Customer Management

Order tracking from customer, Bill generation, monitoring on screen for order placement, notifications for bills paid and more.

Sales Management

Promotions creation, discounts management, sales tracking, sales analytics, top selling products analytics and more.

What do you get from this POS Integration?
  • Whether your business is a restaurant, retail store, hotel or a hospital, transactions can now be seamless right at the checkout counter.
  • Get access to all information at the most convenient point of interaction – the POS.
  • Manage orders effortlessly with multiple vendors.
  • Manage inventory both online and offline at the same time. Your order is an order, there is no wait time for updating the online orders.
  • Easy checkout, online customers needn’t wait too long for confirmation from your business.

All this and so much more – with the integration from CriticalRiver.

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Why CriticalRiver

Industry Experience

  • Energy and utilities, financial services, high tech industries, non-profit organizations, manufacturing and more.
  • Team consists of experienced consultants with operational experience in multiple industries
  • Constantly focused on how technology can improve your business
  • Always leveraging industry best-practices

Independent Thinking

  • Not affiliated with any software vendors
  • Maintains a technology-agnostic approach to ensure objectivity
  • Established proven and accelerated project methodologies
  • Constantly updating skills with extensive software research, reports, and thought leadership

Clients Are Priority

  • Comes with a liberal cancellation clause to maintain trust
  • 100-percent delivery satisfaction guarantee
  • Ensuring Measurable results and return on investment
  • Experts work on-site at client’s office. Experience with more than 50 implementations

Awesome Team

  • A global team of independent technology experts
  • Minds who created the technologies we now implement, and our clients now demand
  • Team-based and collaborative approach to solving your business needs
  • Mobile consulting team with international exposure