Progressive Solutions With NetSuite Enterprise Applications

Companies of all sizes eventually need a unified business management suite encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce all in one window. And that’s exactly what CriticalRiver delivers with the Oracle NetSuite applications and consulting. A singular portal with multiple modules to run an entire business without the added cost of resources allocated for each function. Even though its an all-encompassing solution perfect for scalability, NetSuite can be complex to implement initially, and to have an inhouse team with the relevant experience to manage it would be expensive.

This is where CriticalRiver comes into the picture. Leave the complexities and tracking of resources to get the job done to us. All you need to tell us is what you expect from the application. Share the goal, and we will deliver.

What We Do:

NetSuite Enhancement

Do you already have a NetSuite Application in place? Do you need to add features, functions or modules? We will start with an evaluation of your existing application and craft a solution blueprint to build on it, fix the timelines and start the execution with an experienced team.

Sales Team Automation

NetSuite enables you to keep track of your sales activities on a daily basis with detailed task setting, tracking and notifications. Add, track and manage prospects and opportunities complete with forecasts and projected commissions. Conduct detailed campaigns with specific databases.

Marketing Automation

Why stop with sales team? Automate your marketing functions with contact segmentation and strategic placement of prospects based on various segments. Plan campaigns, execute drip marketing campaigns integrated with email service providers as well. Marketing lead generation and management has never been this seamless.

CRM Integration

Both Oracle and Salesforce CRM can be integrated with NetSuite to manage post-sales and product marketing with CRM. Manage customer lifecycle from start to finish with detailed sales forecasting, opportunity management, geographical reporting, lead management, upselling and cross-selling.

Financial and Accounting

After all the money that’s coming in from Sales, Marketing and CRM, it’s time to setup accounting functions. Enjoy customized financial reports, revenue recognition reports and more. Even get usage based customized bills with subscription automated billing.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Create, design and generate detailed reports, and save frequent searches with the Analytics Dashboard. If you need advanced reporting we can integrate your business intelligence module in NetSuite as well.

Integration and Data Migration

Oracle, Salesforce or any ERP application can be integrated with NetSuite to migrate complex data to ensure continuity and data validity.

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Why CriticalRiver

Industry Experience

  • Energy and utilities, financial services, high tech industries, non-profit organizations, manufacturing and more.
  • Team consists of experienced consultants with operational experience in multiple industries
  • Constantly focused on how technology can improve your business
  • Always leveraging industry best-practices

Independent Thinking

  • Not affiliated with any software vendors
  • Maintains a technology-agnostic approach to ensure objectivity
  • Established proven and accelerated project methodologies
  • Constantly updating skills with extensive software research, reports, and thought leadership

Clients Are Priority

  • Comes with a liberal cancellation clause to maintain trust
  • 100-percent delivery satisfaction guarantee
  • Ensuring Measurable results and return on investment
  • Experts work on-site at client’s office. Experience with more than 50 implementations

Awesome Team

  • A global team of independent technology experts
  • Minds who created the technologies we now implement, and our clients now demand
  • Team-based and collaborative approach to solving your business needs
  • Mobile consulting team with international exposure