Innovation. It’s in our DNA.

Adopting new technology and coming up with innovative solutions is in our DNA. It’s not just about random hackathons where companies encourage innovative solutions to complex problems once a year. It’s like breathing at Critical River. It’s part of work KRA to come up with new and innovative solutions using the latest technologies whether we have any immediate requirement or not. Simply solving the world’s technological problems with creativity and intelligence. And how the team has delivered! Some of the best client stories were born in the Labs.

Be it identifying the customer behaviour pattern to assist in intuitive sales process or cloud integrated solutions for the Dubai Airport Duty Free Zone using Oracle to the very first Lightning Bolt Solution for Skoll Foundation. It all started here.

"Co-Innovate is the name of the game."

CR Labs is an endeavor in its nascent stage, but its the technology partner that most companies only dream of. Time and again, the teams have come up with innovative fully automated solutions for the clients.

What’s cooking?

Image Recognition

Practical application for the Image Recognition software is endless. Be it identifying automobiles on the traffic toll booths to machinery in factories to much more. Image recognition can be applied for various analytics helping the clients streamline their business operations.

Document Classification

Imagine a folder where thousands of documents are uploaded, they need to be sorted based on their content. Be it any format, this Machine Learning solution will sort it all out based on the content. That’s just saving tons in human error and efforts! And it is that simple.

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Automated Analytics

In any factory there are machines that need to be monitored at all times. And how absolute are the human reports as to when, why and for how long machines are working or not working or understanding the problems are? This is where IoT based Automated Analytics comes into picture. Get automated, accurate and real time reports on all machinery no matter how big the size of the factory is and the number of study subjects are. Understand the current status of the machine - health of the machine and more on a regular basis.

Yet another application for this IoT solution is in Supplier and Logistics Management. Critical River can integrate this solution to the in-house CR mSupplier Application to track orders, status of transportation and more.

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Big Data

As in case of Intel, Critical River’s Automation Testing Process was fully automated from the Labs with Big Data Analytics. At every stage in the process there is an expected level of data surge or values, and what used to take hours and hours of tedious manual processing is now done in mere seconds.

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And more.

Something or the other is always cooking at the CR Labs. Talk to our teams about the POCs that are readily available for practical application.

Are you a technological adventurer?

There is a sense of adventure in exploring new technologies and coming up with solutions unheard of. Are you interested in creating an impact in the technological world? Then we are looking for you!

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Case Study

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