Kyle Grishin - Key Driver of Customer Value With Technology

Today we are introducing yet another important member of our CriticalRiver family. This gentleman here is Kyle. He is the one our customers see when they think about Oracle or more specifically anything and everything under HCM. But don't go and peg him for only a Oracle guy, he also talks a mean strategy when you get talking about CRM integrations with Salesforce. Originally from San Francisco, he is the nice guy you reach out to when you drop by the Bay Area. After all, true Bay Area natives are hard to come by. Having finished his Business Administration course from San Francisco State University, Kyle comes with over 8 years' experience in dealing with B2B based SaaS business development using Oracle ERP, HCM and Salesforce.

At CriticalRiver, he is the Director of Sales working relentlessly in bringing together great clients and interesting problems with the innovative expert teams at CriticalRiver. Kyle is all about bringing value to the customer - being the true embodiment of the belief system at CriticalRiver. For Kyle it's always "Customer First and Customer is Right. Let's find what works best for them." Kyle also plays the role of being the point of contact for some key HCM customers.

He is a big fan of AI and Robotics and is trying to make our Tech Teams come up with as many interesting solutions as possible for our customers. It's ofcourse great for our customers, but we think he is simply trying to push the boundaries as much as possible. Afterall, it's hard not to be curious about technology while working with a company that have a "Co-Innovation Lab". You know what they say about birds of the same feather right?

He is a consummate problem solver with killer sales strategy planning instinct. To Kyle that has always been his way of life, or way of thinking. He believes that this competitive nature and the will to win comes from playing ice hockey as a kid.

Did you know?

You can catch him on the golf courses across bay area on the weekends, or whizzing by on sports cars. But this "I need to win" guy chills out with a fine glass of wine and whipping up some delicious food. Who knew, right? Sports car and gourmet chef? Now that's some combination!

Words he lives by:

"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today." -- Tim Fargo

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." -- Albert Einstein

"To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often." -- Winston Churchill

Here's what Kyle thinks about our interesting team and company:

"Aside from obvious awesomeness in the product and services that we provide at CriticalRiver; the best thing truly is the company culture and its executive leadership."

If you work as a junior to Kyle here's what he will say:

"Learn as much as you can from those around you. You will learn why some succeed and why others fail based on their daily routine and their attitude."

Words of wisdom indeed.

You can reach out to Kyle at