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Expertise at a Glance

From 2014, CriticalRiver has established itself as a rapidly growing Oracle and Salesforce Expert Company by working with challenging industries and leaving a successful mark with all the companies they have worked with. The companies and industries they have worked with demand high-quality, future-ready solutions. With their presence in North America, Middle East and APAC, regional differences has never affected CriticalRiver Process or Delivery. Their research and discovery based solutions are always on-point.

And as a company embracing innovation and being customer-centric, CriticalRiver has always delivered beyond client expectations, delivering exceptional results in these verticals:

Energy and Utilities

CriticalRiver has expertise in integrating and implementing the best of energy and utility practice with the help of Oracle Utility Applications. The in-depth market experience and thought leadership of the CriticalRiver team regarding customer-specific industries has helped solve issues, while giving a tremendous advantage to their clients while entering any new geographical market.

Every company strives to differentiate itself in this highly lucrative but competitive industry, every single factor counts. Customer Relationship, Partner Management, Operations, and more. Operational efficiency is a norm, not an aspiration. And working with the companies in this industry also means perfection at every step of the technological transformation.

The products built are such that the clients can react to market fluctuations and still manage to stay on top of competition.

CriticalRiver offers complete, comprehensive and turn-key electrical engineering services in the utilities industry. We offer wide spectrum of electrical engineering services such as project management, planning, engineering and design services to electric utilities. Read More

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Financial Services and Banking

CriticalRiver has exceled in the Finance Vertical by building complex data warehouse and analytics tools empowering investment advisors, trading companies and more. Having new regulations and laws being passed on an international scale with the only predictability being the unpredictability is a challenge that this team has risen to. Having created innovative solutions to power through the various market conditions is an exercise that is handled with utmost care.

Banking is a not just unpredictable, but also traditional in a lot of ways, and merging the two sides of the coin without collapsing the system is the tricky part. But CriticalRiver’s process-oriented approach has ensured that the risk is minimised at all costs, and the operational efficiency is further optimized.

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High-Tech Industry

From leading provider of advanced products for semiconductors to high end technological advancements. CriticalRiver has support multiple Fortune 500 companies in building their Human Resource Capital Management and more.

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Non-Profit Organizations

CriticalRiver has worked with Non-Profit organizations from across the globe. Being a non-profit organization generally means that the budget constraint is a key factor. And CriticalRiver team, with it’s expert eye has always determined exactly what the project assumptions will be and have made sure those are met and not exceeded.

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Adaptation of latest technologies is not just in machinery in manufacturing, enabling these machines with the latest technologies to harness the power of data and operational efficiency is the key challenge. The technology is changing constantly, and adaption for most part is quite expensive.

This is where CriticalRiver has made all the difference, building complex technical solutions well within the budget and still exceeding expectations with solutions that are innovative and cutting edge. Along with building complex solutions, CriticalRiver has also ensured the handover is smooth by having extensive training sessions for the operations team.

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Case Study

When CriticalRiver's Sales Cloud Implementation helped a Public Trading Company.

Why CriticalRiver

Industry Experience

  • Energy and utilities, financial services, high tech industries, non-profit organizations, manufacturing and more.
  • Team consists of experienced consultants with operational experience in multiple industries
  • Constantly focused on how technology can improve your business
  • Always leveraging industry best-practices

Independent Thinking

  • Not affiliated with any software vendors
  • Maintains a technology-agnostic approach to ensure objectivity
  • Established proven and accelerated project methodologies
  • Constantly updating skills with extensive software research, reports, and thought leadership

Clients Are Priority

  • Comes with a liberal cancellation clause to maintain trust
  • 100-percent delivery satisfaction guarantee
  • Ensuring Measurable results and return on investment
  • Experts work on-site at client’s office. Experience with more than 50 implementations

Awesome Team

  • A global team of independent technology experts
  • Minds who created the technologies we now implement, and our clients now demand
  • Team-based and collaborative approach to solving your business needs
  • Mobile consulting team with international exposure