Fire Up Your Analytics

As we are moving to a mobile only world, taking business decisions that are easily worth few billions of dollars is not a simple task. The accountability for decisions that will impact hundreds of employees is something that can even affect the stocks. Every day there are apps that are trending with thousands of downloads, but a single bug sends their user base crashing. Then there are companies that invest on app only advertising by selecting and choosing these front runners. So how do we track these app based analytics? Thankfully for Android, Google already has a great solution.

Meet Firebase

A unified platform with powerful analytics features that are close to Google Analytics. It allows us to track user interaction within apps, with app-centric data generated and shared in reports.

Features that stand out are:


From the user information to revenue information to demographics based reports, it's all easy to setup and receive on a regular basis. These reports can also be delivered to pre-approved email IDs.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Typical to the Google style, the Firebase dashboard is also easy to use. Every important detail like User Engagement, Location, Demographics, Interests, Retention, Revenue, Active Users and more are all available just like in Google Analytics.

Crash Reports

Considering we are dealing with Mobile Applications here, crash reports come in handy. The Firebase analytics prepares a report on a regular basis or a need only basis on the users who have been affected by the crashes including the point of failures. This helps the development team in understanding what to fix at a glance.


One feature that's certainly different in Firebase is the reporting and data based on events. User actions, errors, everything is events that are reported and tracked on a regular basis. In Google Analytics, it's the screen views that considered to be actions, while here it goes beyond the screen and every action inside the app is considered as key data.

This is a cool analytics tool that's much needed for all App developers and business users. With the wealth of data that's acquired here, you are no longer forced to adapt the web-based analytics to your app-based data. After all there is a giant difference between the two!