#TrendingIn2019 Data Security Edition

From Facebook to Panera to Under Amour to Aadhaar - Data Security breaches were everywhere and massive. Its probably not that these companies had not had data breaches in the past, but this time, we all knew. Thanks to GDPR. But have these data breach announcements made the companies any more secure? With top companies claiming that they have the date security measures in place, only time will tell. So, 2019, let's watchout for those data breaches and make sure that we as users keep our data secure as well. So, what's trending the data security? Let's find out.

GDPR and the emerging trend of Data Regulations

EU's all-encompassing GDPR was just a tip of the iceberg. 2018 was buzzing with GDPR and all kinds of privacy based discussions, but that's just the EU, other countries like US, Brazil, Japan and South Korea are planning their own regulations. At the end of the day, all governments are trying to do is force companies to step up, take responsibility for the data they so readily collect.

Defence is the best offense. Or so they claim

When the Data Breaches happened, one of the things that was closely watched by the global market was how soon the data breach was detected, addressed and closed. A SWAT for Data Security suddenly didn't seem like a bad idea. And manual SWAT can't take care in human speed which meant one thing - Automation. Automation in data security empowered by AI and ML are here to stay.

Shared responsibility

There are times when we can visualize the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) arguing with the rest of the C-panel to fight his case - invest more into data security. We can almost feel the passion they feel but here's the kicker - rest of the CXOs genuinely don't stop to care. The CISO in many ways was the only head that rolled in case of a data breach, which is probably why the rest of the troupe didn't care. The budgets were allocated for increasing the business, infrastructure and so much more just not in making sure the existing customers' information was protected and wow, did it cost them.

Facebook, after it's 3% dip in share value appointed a whole crew of "Industry's best" security officials. If only you had listened earlier, Mark! So CXOs now are collectively responsible for Data Security. Amen to that!

While you were busy looking outside, here's what happened INSIDE!

Every company has been on the run to eliminate threats and defend their system from outside enemies, but they missed the issue right under their noses. Mistakes, manual errors done by their own employees. From sheer ignorance to accidental sharing to malicious spams to data theft, the issues inhouse have been of a wide variety. But there are solutions for this -Employee Monitoring Software are now in the market to help prevent such issues in the future. Hopefully in 2019, companies will have eliminated their internal threats.

Stating the Obvious

We all know it, but saying it once might just save a life.. err data. So, companies are making it mandatory for their employees to take Security Training. Vendors, associates, partners, everyone is required to be a part of this exercise and is expected to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down - in house.

Even if it took a few billons, companies are finally on route to better data practices. And we couldn't be more thankful - both are users and technology partners.