Brenda Price. Meet The Face Behind Business.

Hers is the name our clients know even before they become clients. Now that's something. An Oracle ERP Certified professional herself, Brenda is the person we go to for Oracle Utilities Applications. Her in depth knowledge on this topic made her a popular net worker when CriticalRiver participated in Oracle Utilities User Group conference (OUUG).

It's obvious why Brenda was the recipient of numerous outstanding achievement awards in her past companies, she is not one to shy away from finding solutions no matter what. She is a goal-oriented problem solver by her own admission. A Business Management graduate, she is originally from Oregon, Brenda has since then moved to Colorado for her education at Colorado Mesa University and settled now in Santa Clara, California.

Getting to know her:

Brenda's idea of an evening well spent is with a walk down at the beach with sand tickling her toes. She also enjoys cooking and a few spin classes to keep her on her feet!

If you ask Brenda what she thinks Technology will do in our future, she believes that Technological Innovation is going to improve lives and extend our lifespan. A noble wish that we hope the medical scientists are working hard on. Imagine that, loved ones stay together, longer.

What's it like working with CriticalRiver?

The people are bright, nimble and collaborative. I really couldn't ask for a better team when I pitch to our prospects, for I know that the team will deliver, no matter what.

Well, that's it for our Employee on Spotlight feature. Next in line, an elusive technology leader at CriticalRiver. The man behind the innovative Labs at CR. Stay tuned.