As Virtual Reality Takes Over The World

By Chaitanya Voleti - March -2018

From serious transformation to applications bordering on fun, Virtual Reality is slowly taking over the world as we know it. Technical applications are a plenty, here are some that all of us can relate to.

World of Retail:

First it was, I need to touch and feel it to shop, then it was I need to see it and I can always return if I am not happy with it, then it's time now for let's walk through your store to simply experience the products. Customer's can now simply stay at home, connect with stores and simply.. shop!

And it's not just the customers who are getting the VR experience to make their life easy, it's also the retail employees. Walmart has already started using VR as a training tool for their employees. Why build expensive training aisles? Why experiment with live environment? Why wait till holidays and depend on experienced employees to save the day everytime? How about recreating these scenarios in VR? All you must do is step into the virtual world of Walmart to learn and make it work. Everyone goes home happy!

World of Medicine:

We owe our veterans everything. But a veteran who has returned from Iraq or Afghanistan almost always come back home with an unwanted parasite that's killing them slowly - PTSD. When the brain is diverted to better scenarios and is able to make certain associations based on it, the PTSD cure is just a few VR sessions away.

Another key application of VR is helping Paraplegics regain functions of their body. Half the challenge in making a human body work or break is in the brain. Doctors often quote that the brain is the real miracle maker. And those with the never give up attitude recover faster. Use of VR is specifically designed to trigger the brain connections with the various bodily responses and triggers. There have been cases where recovery has been phenomenal.Other applications include pain management, anxiety attack/depression management, helping the young autistic patients learn to socialize in their safe space.

From all this seriousness let's now move to something slightly fun. Did you know, it's rumoured that dentists may use VR to distract patients from the pain? Afterall, it's the brain that sends the signals to different parts of our body, right? If the brain is otherwise occupied, how about that? No more terror about the mean drilling machines at the dentist's!

World of Engineering:

From Architects who want to showcase their art, to real estate moguls who want to give a walk through to their clients, from seeing an entire shopping mall even before it's built to visualizing a city from barren lands, VR's scope in real estate is far reaching and explosive. Being actively scouted and adapted in various developed countries, VR is now hot tech to be adapted.

It's not the frivolous business-oriented uses of VR, it's now actively used for predicting disasters, like floods, earthquake impact and other geological disasters.Even educational uses of VR is now adapted in the top universities to help students visualize the construction processes and projects.

World of Entertainment:

How can one talk about VR and not talk about entertainment? Built primarily as a gaming upgrade, VR has now gone beyond simple simulation games to full scale amusement park style experiences to give the users an unforgettable experience. From virtual museums to galleries across the globe, VR has brought the best of the world to your device. Who says you have to go to France to experience Louvre like art galleries?

So, keep calm and VR on!