CriticalRiver has put in place a strong team of blockchain experts with deep experience to offer high- value blockchain deployment services to our clients. We study, analyze and document the existing systems and procedures, formulate a road-map plan, take all stakeholders on board, build prototypes and deploy robust blockchain applications.

The key ingredients of a blockchain application are ensuring transparency, decentralized records format, and security. We go about methodically in ensuring these objectives are met.

Our cutting edge blockchain-enabled applications include:
  • Ethereum - Open-source platform is used as a foundation to build other blockchain-based applications
  • Hyperledger Fabric - Ensures implementation of blockchain across multiple industries, accelerating production-ready for enterprises
  • IBM Blockchain - Enables permission-based application development with increased security features
  • Ripple - We deploy Ripple for banking, exchange and payment applications development
  • R3Corda - We leverage for building commercial, supply chain applications and integrating with legacy applications
Why CriticalRiver?
  • We leverage cutting-edge emerging technologies in our blockchain deployment to create an impact and benefit our clients in terms of scalability and flexibility in their transactions
  • It helps in accelerating time-to-market, stay competitive in the market environment and offer superior services to their customers
  • Our blockchain services significantly increase the security paradigm, minimizes costs, risks and offer agility and transparency to all stakeholders
Technology Expertise : Solidity, Remix, Truffle, Ganache CLE, Metamask, Ether.js, Geth, Solc, Blockchain Testnet, BaaS, Tierion, Emkark.

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