Blockchain - Security Upgraded.

With the CriticalRiver Edge, our innovative solutions take on Blockchain Technology for various offerings:

Blockchain Consulting

We are capitalizing on Blockchain technology to bring in another dose of innovation to our solutions. Based on the industry and their challenges, we are crafting cutting edge solutions using Blockchain for heightened security and more.

Blockchain Analytics

The blockchain is about Data Integrity, evading malicious activities and accessing data analysis in real-time. We use Blockchain to discover rich insights for our clients enabling them to make informed decisions.

Blockchain Integrations

With Blockchain comes the IOT based technologies and integrations that are given for the seamless functions of solutions using Blockchain.

Blockchain Testing

Extensive Testing to ensure that Blockchain integration is secure with numerous testing practices implemented on a periodic basis.

Blockchain Managed Services

Creating innovative solutions is rigorously followed through with various Managed Services and 911 Emergency Services in place to ensure that continuous smooth functioning of the applications.

Industry Application:

How CriticalRiver Uses Blockchain in Telecom

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Blockchain for Telecom

How does the CriticalRiver team help the telecom industry. Check out the use case now.