The Quest For Challenge with Arun

The 17+ year experienced Technical Architect in CriticalRiver is a known face and name for many clients. From implementing Nanoblitz for a client requirement to getting numerous praise for his dedication from clients, Arunkumar has been one to make it work no matter what. We have known for him to work 20 odd hours straight, all because of this love for the technology. With his expertise in AWS DevOps, PHP, Java, Python, SQL Databases, he heads the Enterprise Apps and Mobility Apps team.

What sets him apart? He is not a BE grad, instead, he chose to get his Bachelors in Computer Applications followed by a Masters in IT Management. Smart move, considering the fact that he gets to think from a business and strategic point of view at all times, while others have to get that from years of experience. When asked about what's the best part of working with CriticalRiver, his opinion matches many other members from the Development team - the freedom to experiment with technology. In line with the Innovation spirit that runs in the company, Arun is no exception. He initiates many manual and automated testing assignments on his own if that makes sense to the project at large. This freedom to try has also ensured that he remains a Self Starter. The kind most companies actively seek.

So naturally, we asked him what his advice to the juniors would be. Simple words spoken from the heart - Be truthful to your work. Honesty at work makes your work easier. When work is something you enjoy, it's not working anymore. The number of hours at work ceases to exist when you enjoy the work you do. Well, we thank you for being such a wall of inspiration for us, Arun!

PS: This Hyderabad native is constantly on the hunt for challenges. Here's wishing he finds them in 2019.