Salesforce's Einstein Bots are now on demand for Live Customer Service Analyst Style interaction. Powered by AI and machine learning, it's the hot and happening thing on the bot universe and slightly lower on the techverse as well. It's not a far fetched statement if we say that AI has completely transformed the sales and marketing processes. And brands are scurrying to get on the Bot express to give their customers an authentic customer experience. Yes, CX is the name of the game and we can go nowhere without mentioning it. Bots are here to enhance the CX.

The same customer who has no time and has been spoilt for choices of multiple brands if one brand fails to reach up to their expectations. And chatbots are the best choice for this task as they are run by machine learning that can discover common ties and threads based on past interactions in a fraction of a second in comparison to their human counterparts.

CriticalRiver's answer to the Bots is Nimoy.

Nimoy is an AI powered chatbot and a very cool one at that. If you could program intelligent- almost human interactions for your users with minimal developmental efforts, is it really that hard? We know your answer is NO.
Nimoy is our answer to digital transformation for our customers who's clients demand efficiency, ease and authenticity when they interact with them. Nimoy can actually listen and respond with relevant content in return.

What are the core modules that are involved?
  • BOT Builder - Design, Manage Stories, API Integration & Test
  • Channels - In-App, Facebook Messenger, Email...Etc
  • BOT Analytics - Dashboard & Reports
  • BOT Manager - Helps Manage Framework For Better Interactions
  • ML Models - Intent & Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis
  • Comprehension Model - Extraction Of Knowledge From Unstructured Data
  • Image Processing - Image Tagging & Classification, Data Extraction
  • Training / Learning- Evolve From Every Interaction
What are the main features?
  • AI powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Intent and Entity detection.
  • Context aware deployment of bots to multiple channels, abstracting the differences.
  • Multiple Natural Language Understanding (NLU) training models to predict user-intent from incoming Bot requests.
  • Rapid development of Bots with Q&A combined with Intent based interactions.
  • Live Agent handover, allowing human to takeover bot conversation.
  • Connect any channel to any backend system using standards such as REST.
  • Connect CRM & backend systems.
  • Reach customers on the messaging channels they already use.
  • Build customer flows once and deploy to any channel.
  • Present a consistent brand identity and customer experience across all channels.
  • Nimoy Bot analytics helps analyzing user engagements and retention measurement for chatbots.
  • Chatbot analytics to improve bots, so it will empower them to learn more about their users' behavior with easy-to-use tools.
Why use Chatbots?

ChatBot services help companies to enhance their customer experience, improve engagements, increase customer retention, acquire new customers and monetize customer base.

What are the various applications?
Personal services
  • Customer can manage and check account operations
  • Quick view on account transactions
  • Manage admin related activities
Customer service
  • Uninterrupted customer support
  • Customer feedback & measurements
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Deliver personalized marketing
  • ChatBots can deliver personalized offers
  • Push relevant content to end users & analyze user engagement
  • 24/7 customer representative
  • Organizations can push high-targeted products & services to right customer
  • base on right time to increase conversion rates
Employee Self Service
  • Update personal details
  • Access personal records
  • Payroll details
Leave Management
  • Apply leaves
  • Manage leaves

IT Help Desk

Chatbots are here to stay and if you are interested in knowing more about it, reach out to us at [email protected].