Epitome of Commitment. Ram In Spotlight.

When we had a conversation with Arun, it was interesting to note how he called two gentlemen the "pillars" of CriticalRiver. The committed souls who have been with the company since the very beginning and are the real treasures. We already covered Ravi Kudithipudi last month as the "year finale" and this year starts of with a bang with Ramakrishna Pothula.

Ram, as we call him is our in house Oracle Applications Techno-Functional consultant for Supply Chain Management. Just like many others in the field, Ram started out as an Oracle Applications - Technical Consultant but found his true calling in Business Processes. Before the addition of Functional to his designation, Ram has seen it all - requirements gathering, Design, configuration and post go-live support for oracle apps implementations and support. Then he moved to ERP Implementations.

He feels that working on ERP has it's own advantages and disadvantages like the long hours and unavoidable stress. But that pays off completely when the crafted solution dramatically changes the way a business runs and produces its goods, for the better. If that's not being in love with one's work, we don't know what is.

In his 11 years of experience, his best and the most challenging assignment has been with Nanometrics playing combined roles of Project Lead - Technical Solution Architect - Support Specialist. For his commitment and sheer drive, Ram has received many praises. But the ones he is most proud of are:

When Anji Maram, our CEO mentioned that, "These projects are the fruits of the work we have done so far."

When Enay, our VP of Operations disclosed, "Many Indian clients never appreciate directly, but we got excellent feedback and appreciations from one of our Indian client within a month of starting the project."

And when CriticalRiver Offshore operations started in 2015 and Ravi and Ram were the starting employees of CriticalRiver Offshore Team. The Founding Employees.

The best practices we swears by are also simple:

Keep It Simple, Straightforward and Be Principled.

Much like the man himself. He also believes in something that echoes with our CEO -

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

He truly believes that team work and inspiring a team to work together is the true cause of great success. From a client's point of view, he feels that being available to Clients solves half the problems and taking responsibility for one's responsible and deliveries is the key to maintain good customer relationship. We he should know! Our client's still talk to him as if he is a long lost friend! Well, if you are committed to solving their challenges, I guess, the client's feel it too. A kinship towards you for fighting for the good cause.

This MSc. graduate is an Alumni of Andhra University and hails from Kakinada. By his own self proclamation he is attracted to people who are humorous and have a lighter view of life.

He had some brilliant advice for his juniors: If you really want to do something, you'll find a way, if you don't, you'll find an excuse.

On a personal note, the author has interviewed so many employees in the past at CriticalRiver, never has an member come forth with such a detailed account of his work, ethics and experiences. It truly was an honor to cover you, Mr. Ram. Thank you for a glimpse into your life.