#TrendingIn2019 HR Edition

Gone are the days of manual interview process, sending in a resume with an attached cover letter introducing yourself, the nervous interview with the HR before the actual meeting with the decision and and makers. It's now all digital. Just like a prospect gets the full picture about a vendor they want to choose; the employer has a clear digital portrait of the employee even before seeing their face. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram throw more light into the personality of a candidate than any manual screening process. Employees when unhindered by the watchful eyes of a tester thrive and often reveal their true natures. This is where 2018 leaves us. With a clear picture of every candidate. Wait, that's not all.

Not only were the employers scanning the prospective employees, but the candidates are getting a very real picture about the company as well. Thanks to Glassdoor and the very same social media channels that the companies are using to understand better. It's an informed decision making process. And now throw in technology and boom you get 2019! HR is poised to be the perfect blend between human intuition and machine learning capabilities to build a workforce that's a perfect match.

Let's a take look at how technology is playing the all important role in building the overall productivity of the top companies in the world.

It's everywhere. It's a fabulous epidemic - Augmented Analytics

We have yapped about it quite a lot in our other blogs, but here's the kicker - it's equally happening in the HR industry as well! This provides the right data to the user to help analyse and draw conclusions by automating insights using machine learning and natural-language generation. It's said that an augmented analytics framework can automatically go through a company's data, clean it, analyse it and convert the data into actionable steps for the business user. This means that decisions can be better informed, but in real time.

Everyone has been talking about it, how good are its applications? Let's talk about AI in 2019!

2018 and before, let's call it Before AI and 2019 and beyond, hopefully and from the looks of it, After AI. AI has some key applications in HR, but it's more in lines of yet to be discovered. There multiple players vying the markets, already having put into motion the applications needed to solve various challenges in HR department. Let's wait and see if we can add 2019 to After AI. But companies like Unilever have already used AI to hire entry-level positions.

Chatbots are here to stay

Chatbots are taking care of customers, stake holders, employees and now future employees. Using Natural language Processing, Chatbots are now getting the ability to understand human language in spoken or written form. They are to be used for a range of enquiries like early interaction with applicants, from requesting their resume and contact information, to asking screening questions about candidates' experience, knowledge and skills and even scheduling an interview with a human recruiter. iBots are here to rule!

Rise of Remote Applications

With over 85% of Millenials preferring a job with telecommuting options, organizations are now investing in tools used in remote working conditions - secure technological servers, Augmented Reality and using video-engagement to get a seamless experience while working remote.

Improved Hiring Accuracy

It used to take an average of 42 days to hire a new candidate, but now, recruiters are sourcing about 225 candidates for a single hire. But no matter how faster the candidates are sources, the conversion is still shaky. Though we are bound to witness the development of quality-based talent pipelines which will further improve hiring accuracy, use of AI and predictive analysis can further simplify the hiring process, by picking candidates with skillsets and achievements that match the given requirement.