Face behind those interview calls

Meet Amram. The Talent Acquisition expert for the India's development team at CriticalRiver at Hyderabad. We are throwing the focus light on our up and coming HR expert who by his own words "loves interacting with people". He also believes that being trustworthy and impartial is a very important trait for being a good HR professional. It takes years of self discipline and time management to make an impact with the company's workforce. It's about being there for the team. With his 10 years of experience, Amram has had many accolades awarded to him for his exceptional performance, a notable reward being the "League of Champions" - being the best employee out of 100 members for closing tough roles. Times have changed but he still feels that his best achievement so far in his career is closing the niche roles in CriticalRiver. We hear you, Amram! Hiring a candidate with a specific technical skill set combined with a specific experience set is not easy. And you have gone above and beyond the call of duty!

Amram truly believes that the best practices in HR are to train, develop and mentor the employees. That's the best way to build a team that will sustain and grow together as one. This aspiring Lawyer who already has an MBA is an Alumni of NIBM. This Hyderabad native's quote that he swears by is to
Choose a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Arun and Amram sure have a lot in common other than the fact that both of them are impressively committed to their work. This Foodie has only one advice for his peers and juniors. Work Hard. Aim for Success.